AR15: 100 round Surefire Magazine

Our first good look at the new 100 round AR15 magazines from Surefire We compare it in size to some other common AR magazines, then fill it and weigh it Next…

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17 Responses to AR15: 100 round Surefire Magazine

  1. michaelbyrneskiai says:

    They are just toys to you not tools of your Profession.

  2. Gordon Yates says:

    You have no clue what you are talking about.

  3. Alex Cardosa says:

    When I saw the clip I had to laugh at the size of that thing, now just finding round is the issue.

  4. NEMESIS12389 says:

    Wow you guys do know these rifles are meant to take punishment right? If my rifle can’t stand to be thrown around in the mud or whatever a little bit I don’t want it. That’s not for me I can just see myself going to ground and knocking myself out, I’ll take a drum mag instead.

  5. southernrebelmarshal says:

    If u don’t have enough confidence to toss your gun around plz reconsider firearm ownership. It’s a gun do you think in a fight your gun won’t get dropped. I understand respecting collectable ,rare & unique firearms but its an AR

  6. michaelbyrneskiai says:

    I don’t take advise from idiots that toss around firearms.

  7. mx799johnson says:

    You need to be careful with your guns man

  8. Fabio Longhair says:

    am i the only one who thinks that the 100 round mag looks like a giant penis

  9. PatrioticVeteran DAV says:

    Respect the weapon!!!

  10. KatotownUSA says:

    everyone SHUT THE FUCK UP about him throwing his gun, HE bought it, and YOU are on youtube. that’s like saying “don’t drive your truck through mud!” It’s supposed to be able to take abuse. You pay for quality, you better damn well get it. Buy an airsoft gun, fucking mall ninjas

  11. Kirk L says:

    Way to tactical for me!!! LOL

  12. Sprotdude17 says:

    Why do you throw your guns you look like a idiot

  13. alien bob says:

    According to dianne feinstein you have a semi automatic machine gun sniper rifle with a high capacity assault clip

  14. umadcuzimstylin says:

    brb throw your own AR.

  15. chicksdigwagons says:

    Did you not watch the video? Did you not notice that it is TWICE AS WIDE as a standard mag?

  16. vgman94 says:

    They say Hi Cap magazines are available in California with some restrictions. How exactly can one obtain say, a 20 or 30-round Mag in California? And what rifle would be the best for those mags? I’ve heard great things about the AR15, but I don’t know.

  17. robbelb23 says:

    how are they not as long as two 30 rnd mags but have a capacity of 100? are the rounds just 2 side by side throught the mag or more side by side?

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