Archaeological Lessons from the Battlefield

Archaeological Lessons from the Battlefield
Event on 2013-07-11 18:30:00

Protecting cultural heritage in conflict zones from a military perspective.

As a member of the audience in this fascinating lecture you will be able to join in the conversation as Dora Constantinidis crosses to Afghanistan to speak to Andrea Argirides.

From her position as both a researcher and a military officer in the Australian Defence Force, Andrea Argirides is uniquely placed to discuss the importance of protecting cultural heritage in war torn nations such as Iraq and Afghanistan, and review previous coalition defence force mismanagement of cultural heritage sites. 

Andrea Argirides is a PhD candidate in the Centre for Classics and Archaeology at the University of Melbourne. A military officer with the Australian Defence Force, Ms Argirides is currently in Afghanistan where she is undertaking her second tour of duty overseas, having served in Iraq in 2008. Her thesis on the protection of cultural heritage and archaeological sites in times of conflict uses Iraq as her case study. 

Dora Constantinidis, whose archaeological research focuses on the Middle East and the Aegean, is an expert in the use of computer technology in gathering and analysing archaeological data. Having completed undergraduate studies at the University of Melbourne and then a PhD from the University of Athens, Dr Constantinidis returned to Melbourne, where she is a Fellow in the Centre for Classics and Archaeology, a researcher in the Computing and Information Systems department at the University of Melbourne, and teaches in the Faculty of Information Technology at Monash University. 

Dr Constantinidis will deliver this lecture, crossing live to Andrea Argirides in Afghanistan.

at Theatre A, Elisabeth Murdoch BuildingUniversity of Melbourne
Spencer Road
Parkville, United States

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