Archos 5 Review- The best PMP on the Market? You decide!

Archos 5 Review- The best PMP on the Market? You decide! ARCHOSThe ARCHOS 5 is the flagship of the new range, bringing the customer a new way to enjoy Internet, Media and TVin a handheld device. ARCHOSThe ARCHOS 5 brings the customer a new daily way to enjoy Internet, Media and TV …in a handheld device. From 60 GB to 250 GB, fitting in the pocket, … More results from Archos 5 60GB Portable Video Players PVPs reviews – CNET Reviews25 Sep 2008 CNET’s comprehensive Archos 5 60GB coverage includes unbiased reviews, exclusive video footage and Portable Video Players PVPs buying … Shopping results for archos 5 9 Aug 2008 The reason I mention all this is even though the next gen archos 5 an 7 are just coming out, I previously owned a 605 wi-fi and after Archos 5 60GB Review – MP3 Reviews – TrustedReviewsJust when you think you’re getting too old and sensible for gadget lust, something like the Archos 5 appears. There it is, with its whacking 4.8in screen Archos 5 60 GB Internet Media Tablet: ElectronicsThe Archos 5 60 GB IMT is a high-end portable device with an ultra-thin Archos Rigid Leather Case for 60 GB Archos 5 Internet Media Tablet Black Archos 5 review PMP reviews and videos from – the 1 Oct 2008 Find out about the Archos 5 PMP at Read our Archos 5 review, find out the latest PMP news and watch our video review at How to Buy an MP3 Player – Archos 5 – At A Glance – Reviews by PC The Archos 5 offers oodles of storage, built-in Wi-Fi, a Web browser, and

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21 Responses to Archos 5 Review- The best PMP on the Market? You decide!

  1. Falk Eisenberg says:

    Not usable IMO. It’s only usable if you have never used a capacitive touchscreen. It isn’t smooth and you’d be better off getting another product.

  2. Twatbox says:

    Beats sound terrible, anyone who knows anything about HiFi will tell you the same. Stop swallowing all the advertising shit you’re spoon fed.

  3. riogfuio says:

    Bose sucks get beats

  4. MrKitford says:

    I’m thinking of getting one of these but i’ve heard the screen isn’t too responsive. Is it usable, or a frustrating piece of s**t?

  5. rsimoli says:

    which are the bose model of your speakers?

  6. samljer says:

    great device, but i cant get over the small size, its a phone!! if you guys really want a tablet, get no less then a 7 inch.

  7. mynameistooey says:

    please let us know the type and model of the bose speakers that you are using for the video

  8. Check4040 says:

    beautiful review, thanks a lot!!!

  9. Futzevogel says:

    Haha, that youtube video is seriously rofl! 😀 But a lovely gadget!!!

  10. FlapjakIan says:

    Not to be sexist, but it depends on your gender. Men usually have HUGE pockets, because thats how mens pants are built. Girls pants usually have small pockets, because that’s just how they’re built. But it’s only 5 inch screen, so it can’t be that bad.

  11. Lewas321 says:

    looks pretty slow?

  12. scottulster says:

    Does this have flash player?

  13. flashash2k9 says:

    he wont know, there’s no netflix in the uk.

  14. Preetham42 says:

    does this fit in your pocket?

  15. johnmonk66 says:

    Does the archos do netflix? If it doesn’t it’s no good to me.

  16. lordbale33 says:

    Rock On Bro !!! nice review!!!!!

  17. shiguaman says:

    see my review of the archos 5 go search shiguaman i don’t know why mine is listed on like the 9th page

  18. megacool213 says:

    I say the archos 5 is better than the archos 7 since archos 5 has a better processor( 800 MHz compared to the 600 MHz on the archos 7)

  19. AHScrewedu says:

    should i get the archos 5 or the archos 7?

  20. AutomatikSynthetik says:

    3:37 you can listen to music and go on the internet on your ipod touch lol.

  21. PMeursault says:

    Lol yea people really need to write some kind of script before they make vids and avoid the “actually”, “basically”, “like”, “ummm”, and “uhhhh” diarrhea.

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