ARCHOS GamePad Android portable console unboxing

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

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20 Responses to ARCHOS GamePad Android portable console unboxing

  1. ElectronicRatings says:

    I want this!

  2. An Tran says:

    Side effects of steroids that is.

  3. Michael M says:

    It’s like a Wii U Game Pad on Steroids!

  4. CadelBL says:

    You can see in other videos that there is no connection between them.

  5. ushiuni82 says:

    Where can i buy this? and what emulators can be run on it apart from N64?

  6. mygetrichslowplan says:

    This song is depressing as hell…

  7. John Ross says:

    Are you getting this?

  8. sean churchman says:

    Exactly my thoughts!

  9. anonymechannelpsv says:

    Oh my god. Ich liebe that.Mais moi j’ai la ps vita…

  10. Benedict Heyer says:

    I hope you understand my question, here it goes: Are the digital pad and buttons identical? Meaning, are the four directions of the D-Pad individual buttons that you have to press or is there an underlying connection between them just like on a PS3 or PSP D-Pad?

  11. BilliBopify says:

    what will SONY do now!? Vive la France!

  12. John Ross says:

    This is better than Droid X360, JXD, Yinlip, and better than buying that expensive WikiPad! 😀


    i want this but i live in california can i buy it online like amazon?

  14. erod707 says:

    How much in usa? 

  15. exelletor says:

    No, the laptops output is not enough for charging it.

  16. exelletor says:

    They are real and independent.

  17. BredasFinest says:

    real dual analog or mapped to d-pad/buttons ?

  18. jonas michiels says:


  19. Ubicks alonso says:

    Price pleasse!!!

  20. Jptdo3 says:

    one question can be charged via a laptop (USB) and thank you for the video!

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