Are You on Google+ Yet? If So Please Post a Link to Your Google+ URL Here

Are You on Google+ Yet? If So Please Post a Link to Your Google+ URL Here

Image by Thomas Hawk
I spent the weekend doing some house cleaning with my circles on Google+. I dropped a lot of less active accounts and am looking to bolster up my photographers on Google+ Circle.

Here’s what I’m looking for in terms of people to follow on Google+.

1. People who are active on Google+. I’m looking for people that hopefully post at least weekly on the site.

2. People who do not use watermarks or signatures on their photos.

3. People who are committed to producing quality photography on a regular basis.

4. People who are interested in interacting with other folks on Google+ and want to get more involved.

5. People who are primarily using Google+ to post their own photographs.

I may already be following you on Google+, but I know that I’m missing tons of my flickr contacts over there. So if I’m following you or especially if I’m not following you there yet, please post a link to your Google+ url as a comment in this post.

Also, if you’d like, please nominate up to three other Flickr/Google+ photographers that you think other people would enjoy following there. I will likely share my photographers I follow circles again soon, so if you’d rather not have a ton of people adding you on Google+ don’t add yourself to this list.

Thanks much!

Oh, and you can find me on Google+ here:

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104 Responses to Are You on Google+ Yet? If So Please Post a Link to Your Google+ URL Here

  1. CC Chapman says:

    I’m at

  2. Spencer-Scott says: :) Thanks Thomas!

  3. maplemusketeer says: Hi Thomas :) Thanks for sharing your vision and adventures, and for all of your support and encouragement. I really appreciate it :) Jordan

  4. 2CoolEntertainment says:

  5. tf5_bassist says: But last I checked you had me added. …. That said, I should probably update some content some day. :/

  6. Justice Mitchell says: – thanks my friend!

  7. guzzphoto says:

    This is mine…. Looking forward to some great interaction….

  8. saarph says:

  9. djinvt says:

    thanks Thomas ! here i am

  10. Lollyx34 says:

    Hi Thomas! What a great idea to do like this! I follow you on Google+ but not here….yet! :) This is the link to my profile: I’d also like to recommend those photographers for all of you to follow: Peter From Jules Hunter Jorunn Gudlaugsdottir Thanks!! Cheers! Lorena.

  11. CrashTest_ says: Here you go!

  12. Red Chilli Photography says: me too

  13. th.omas says:

    Four for four:

  14. rock.campbell says:

  15. cscott2006 says: Thanks :) Sounds interesting

  16. 1/4th says:

  17. jamesjosephsterne says:

  18. alextoul says:

    Would love to meet more folks on G+

  19. Dylan H0well says:

  20. Sara K Byrne says:

    ^^HA,I posted from my bf’s flickr (here’s his g+

  21. wbsloan says: …. I try and post every day. It doesn’t always work.

  22. Patrick Gensel says:

  23. Dimitrios Dalagiorgos says:

    This is going to be a loooong thread! :) My g+ profile is here: I hope I won’t disappoint you all…

  24. Dru Stefan Stone says:

  25. Lotus Carroll says:

    Circle me, circle me! 😉 Everyone should definitely circle the Google+ Photos Team Members in this photograph: Dave Cohen (on the left) Vincent Mo (on the right) They make great bread on a Loter Sammy, but they’re also awesome photographers and people.

  26. acejr371 says:

  27. koehntopp says:

  28. jskurkis says:

    Thanks Thomas!

  29. Frank Synopsis says:

    Right, Thomas, you need more G+ contacts… so you can RULE THE WORLD!! Heh heh… (Thanks!)

  30. Jeremy Brooks says:

    You know it!

  31. gordon.chiam says:

    Thanks Thomas

  32. Brandon Kopp says:

    Hey Thomas, I’m definitely looking to get more involved on G+. My link is Thanks.

  33. Antonio_Trogu says:

    Thanks Thomas!

  34. z3ro1 says:

  35. JSkonecke says:

  36. sharkluvr says:

    Hey Thomas….I’m doing a little mentoring of a small group on G+ so I may not be posting as frequently for the first two months of this year so please don’t delete me if I’m already on your list… 😀 . Thanks, Sharon

  37. mg©o says: Thanks so much for allowing me to post here alongside you guys…

  38. RyanMacLean says: Good to see ya Tom :)

  39. RuggyBearLA says:

  40. don j schulte @ oxherder arts says:

    I have moved most of my new work to Google+

  41. Susa Dosa says:

    Me too:

  42. Tim Dobbs says:

    This is me………. :)

  43. Norm Powell (napowell30d) says:

    No interest…I’ll just wait for the next, ‘next big thing’ to come along and hitch on to that….

  44. 7peaks says:

  45. craiggi says:

    I’m there

  46. Brandon Sapp Photo says:

    Google+ rocks. Still figuring out my strategy but I’m on board:

  47. ubermenschs says:

    Mostly for fun!

  48. Chris_topher81 says:

  49. ChuckPalmer {cepalm} says:

    Here –

  50. says: Here I am!

  51. Ugo Cei (a.k.a. Zaphgod) says:

  52. Nasreen Shoukath says:

    Thanks Thomas! I’d like to get interactive and G+ is probably a nice medium to network and share photography. I’m on

  53. StefanB says:

    I’m here:

  54. franciscophile says:

    I’m in

  55. Sergey Sus says:

    Loving G+

  56. Icedavis says:

  57. Melody Migas says: I love Google+, it’s got me fired up about photography again. I’ve tapered off on Flickr (the Getty thing scared me off) So I should stop watermarking? Okay, I will, it’s a extra bother anyway.

  58. says:

    I am not a photographer but very much a fan of your work!

  59. kubus- says:

    I’m here :) :

  60. HemanthK says:

  61. Bowman! says:

    Is Wayne Brady on Google+? F*ck No! But I am…

  62. Ivan Makarov says:

    TH – I’m there! And here..

  63. Rich McPeek says:

    I’ve been on Google+ since beta .. love it there!

  64. mhocter says:

    Since Day #1:

  65. Matei D. says:

    I’m here

  66. youngsol says:

  67. Lars Clausen says:

    Oh yes :)

  68. bambidingman says:

    Hope you’ll include me!…

  69. nixter says:

  70. Ivan Makarov says:

    BTW – hope to see your photo submitted to the book project soon!

  71. kreg.steppe says:

    Dont forget me.

  72. Scottwdw says:

    I’m there, too. Hoping to pull more Disney flickr photogs over to the G+

  73. chrisleboe says:

    Here I am –

  74. Jonathan SCE says:

  75. dezjeff says:

    Yes I am :)! Jean-Francois Frenette

  76. Robert-Paul Jansen. says:

    I saw I am already in your circles, thanks for that. I really think you should follow Greg Schmigel And Alessandro Greganti

  77. John Getchel Photography says:

    Here’s mine:

  78. Claude Lee Sadik says:

    Feel free to follow me then :)

  79. Τ says:

    Nice idea… I’ll definitely have some things to learn from you, since I still haven’t figured out really well how G+ can be a photo sharing place…

  80. Håkan Dahlström says:

    [] Circled over and over again. :-)

  81. opacity says:

    You’ve got me, but here’s the link anyway: Thanks!

  82. MojaMike says:

    I’m an old n00b who’s just getting started, so….

  83. roujo says:

  84. RussGillespie says:

    Moved over to G+ only recently. Not getting many comments or +1’s on my posts but I really like the interface. Hopefully things will improve.

  85. iamnotanumber8885 says:

    Is this the end of Flickr?

  86. kbaird says:

    Hi from

  87. Yogma says:

  88. Misho92.q8 says:

  89. cuellar says:

    I’m here

  90. Ledényi says:

    you can find me here: 😉

  91. Cameralabs says:

    Here I am Thomas! I also nominate: Todd Sisson: Jason Law:

  92. trAvelpig says:

    hi thomas, this is me: but you actually just added me within the last half hour or so. :)

  93. virgilcaine says:

    Oooh! Oooh! Pick me! Pick me! : ) Oh I forgot to nominate some folks: search the hashtag #ryansninjaphotographers to see the not-too-well-known folks I’ve shared. Some have watermarks but some do not. And there aren’t very many of them (maybe 10 or 11) so it shouldn’t take much time. BTW my criteria for sharing someone’s work as a ninja photographer: – Less than 1000 followers – Post mainly photography – Don’t do a lot of resharing – Post frequently

  94. CPMcGann says:

    I’m doing my 366 on G+: Not sure if it qualifies for nomination, I also curate +Mosaic & Montage Monday and +Feet Friday both on Flickr and G+: Mosaic & Montage Monday:… Feet Friday:…

  95. susivinh says:

    Not on Google much, but I love this pic!

  96. petesguitar1 says:

    You can find me at G+ has been a revelation and I just want to learn more!

  97. Ben Locke (Ben909) says:

  98. Keith Dixon says:

    You Know it! And I post Everyday…

  99. krossbow says:

  100. paulgalbraith says:

  101. AJ Batac says:

  102. earthdog says:

    I am more selective about what I post on Google+ I am still not sure my photography is interesting when it comes to single photos. It is more about documenting my life.

  103. CamiloMazuera says: 😉

  104. D4nielC says:

    Been around a time or two. 😉

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