Art With Salt – Steve Jobs

Art With Salt - Steve Jobs • REAL TIME – 90 min. • I REUSE THE SAME SALT ALL THE TIME • TOOLS: 1-2 FULL SHAKER OF ANY FINE SALT +PIECE OF SHARP PAPER + iPHONE4 + iMOVIE • PATIENCE Track “Prelude in C (BWV 846)” by Kevin Macleod
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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20 Responses to Art With Salt – Steve Jobs

  1. 詳細くりっく 宝くじ当選 当選金お譲りします says:


  2. John David says:

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  3. nplooj1 says:

    lick it!

  4. girlie347 says:

    steve jobs sucks, what a fucking homo

  5. Sea2monkey1 says:

    can i blow it? please??

  6. GamingWithGabe says:

    always impressive

  7. BenjaminL96 says:

    I would totally be tasting my fingers while working.. not the job for me so it is good that you are so good at it.

  8. petegilk says:

    Pirates of Sodium Valley

  9. Chispitanegativa says:


  10. Pinkspiderable says:

    Amazing, I definitely appreciate this beautiful work.

  11. trgordon68 says:

    Very nicely done

  12. ksaytd says:

    Don’t sneeze! Jk that was really awesome :3

  13. notsosuppermanme says:

    Could you pass the salt. What to you mean where out!??

  14. adamandtyler132 says:

    what kind of sorcery is this? O.o

  15. adamandtyler132 says:

    umm yes hello god? id like to report a modder… next update could you please patch this?

  16. ArcticFoxRock says:

    i think you spilt some salt!!! jokes it was amazing

  17. ipodtouchacker says:

    this was made after he died so we would remember his face

  18. Lord Damianus says:

    In history there were three Apples that changed the world: Adam’s, Newton’s and of course Jobs’.

  19. BeepBoopBongBing says:

    He’s right, this video killed Steve Jobs!

  20. TorchHamma says:

    Absolutely brilliant!

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