Article Marketing Directories List Published Online at Marketer’s Black Book

Danbury, Connecticut (PRWEB) December 26, 2012

Article marketing is one way that some companies use to distribute unique content to consumers searching for information. The website has published a list of article marketing directories for no cost that anyone can access online. This directory listing includes high page rank directories that can help to boost the search engine rankings for those that own a website. The list can be accessed at this link

Unique content is one part of search engine marketing that has changed in the past five years. Modern search engines now require companies or website owners to distribute a consistent source of content that is not found elsewhere on the Internet when making ranking decisions for websites. Those that are able to submit content that is original can be rewarded with higher positioning in search results.

The website has released its new directories list to provide sources that are designed to help those distributing unique content online. Article writing companies or freelancers that can write a genre-specific article can help to provide companies with content to distribute to the directories now published online.

This form of marketing is one tool that can be used to help attract new consumers to a website or social media page online. The online business training and live events that are now offered through the MBB website represents one portion of this company. The 2012 integration of in-person training events has helped to expand the educational opportunities available to business owners and entrepreneurs that are selling products or services online.

A new meetup group has been formed as one part of the new online resources that are now offered. This group now has hundreds of business members that are able to access training and services that are not offered yet on the MBB official website. This meetup group can now be accessed online at

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The 2012 integration of the live event series has helped Marketer’s Black Book reach more business owners and entrepreneurs that seek business and online income generation training. Through live and online events, the information that is offered through this company is now accessed in all parts of the world. The Marketer’s Black Book company is comprised of successful business owners that own and operate hundreds of successful websites online. The online training and daily informational resources offered through the company website are now helping thousands each week to become more successful on the Internet.

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