Article Pro Software Has Just Been Released

Middleburg, FL (PRWEB) September 16, 2006

Article Pro Software has just been released! This is a powerful article submission software that will improve the effectiveness of your website promotion by over 1875%! 18 times more inbound links credited to your site. Now that is a benefit which will make you take notice.

Most article submission tools submit the same article to every site in their list. Article Pro Software will submit a unique article to every publisher in it’s list. What that means to you is you won’t be hit by the duplicate content penalty. In proven tests, about 300 invound links shrink to about 16 or 17 as they disappear into the “similiar results” list. Article Pro Software automatically submits unique articles and retains the 300 inbound link credit to your site. That’s an 1875% increase in effectiveness when you submit articles using Article Pro Software.

How does it work so well? Google’s “Duplicate Content Filter” screens out the multiple versions of your article, and only returns a small amount of inbound links to your site. The only way to overcome this is to manually write several hundred unique articles yourself or use an article submission software program to accomplish that daunting task. The strategy behind Article Pro Software is to write only three versions of one article with the same amount of paragraphs. It randomly selects paragraphs from each of your three versions submitting a unique article evry time. Article Pro Software will literally generate hundreds or thousands of unique versions of your article depending on the amount of paragraphs. That means Google will see all your published articles as unique and gives you credit in your search results, gaining valuable links and rankings with Google.

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