Announces New Partnership With Affinity Centre To Assist With Their Content Creation Needs

(PRWEB) March 19, 2013

ArticlesOnTap, one of the web’s premier content management and creation companies, have today announced a new partnership with the Affinity Centre to assist with their content marketing. The partnership heralds a new era for the Affinity Centre, who will now be able to increase their customer database tremendously as well. Both parties expect the collaboration to be long and fruitful.

The Affinity Centre allows therapists to rent rooms within the centre, from which they can provide treatment to their patients. However, rather than being an impersonal service, they will actually join a full community. The services offered include peer supervision and regular social events. Because of this, therapists suddenly no longer have to deal with feelings of extreme isolation, something that they regularly experience due to working alone for long hours each and every week. Furthermore, the Affinity Centre also has well attended Facebook groups with which the individual therapists can interact for greater social contact.

The Affinity Centre is a well established name in Cheshire, offering a range of different services. They now have therapists covering people who suffer from stress or even burnout. They also work with those who have depression or anxiety. People with relationship problems can also be seen at the Affinity Centre, as do those with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder or other obsessions. There are various other issues that can be treated at the Centre, including sexual issues and issues surrounding jealousy.

The Affinity Centre is all about offering a service of care towards people who need it. This can only be provided by therapists who feel good about themselves too and who don’t experience the issues they are trying to resolve themselves on a day to day basis. This is why the new social community that is provided by the Centre is so positive and effective. Not only does social interaction mean that therapists feel less isolated, they can also build on their relationships with the other therapists to improve their own quality of life, thereby improving the skills they have in delivering their own roles of care towards their patients.

Should you wish to contact the Affinity Centre, be that to visit a therapist or to rent a room as a therapist and offer your services, the first port of call should be the website. Please click on to find further information. Alternatively, the founder of the Affinity Centre, Ian Tomlinson, can be contacted via the telephone on 01625 529099. Based in Wilmslow, Cheshire, one could also choose to attend the Affinity Centre and have a look around to see the services that are available here, and whether there are any gaps in provision that one may be able to fill with their own expertise.

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