To Provide Content Creation & Management Services For All Points Fasteners

(PRWEB) November 21, 2012, one of the world’s leading Content Consulting firms, has just given word that it will be providing its services to All Points Fasteners, a pioneer in retailing fasteners and other contracting supplies online. It’s taken a while for those in the contracting industry to find their way online, but once they have many have never looked back. Ordering from online sources has helped speed things up and also obtain the best prices on the kind of quality fasteners professional contractors need. In 2012, choices like AllPointsFasteners are a big hit because this company understands what contractors need and realizes that along with the best in durable products, they have to provide top notch service. With that combination, contractors end up getting what they want and are better prepared for any job they have to do. From tek screws to zip screws, hollow wall anchors and beyond, whatever a contractor has need of can now be ordered within minutes online, saving them crucial time since they won’t have to take a trip anywhere and interrupt their schedule. This is the kind of convenience those in the contracting industry need to help them stock up without interrupting their day and by spreading the word about All Points Fasteners online, its nationwide audience will certainly grow.

All Points Fasteners has over twenty years of experience serving contractors and knows how to make sure they have the best selection of key products they need to get the job done. Their consistent focus on offering a good value and making ordering simple has helped them to become a major name in the industry. Whether its decking screws, drill bits, neoprene bonded washers, wing nuts or something else, All Points Fasteners either has it or can find it. They know their customers need speedy delivery, too, so they make sure this is exactly what they get every time they place an order. Those looking for something they don’t see listed can also get in touch with the team behind All Points Fasteners to see if it can be found for them.

By joining forces with, All Points Fasteners will be able to leverage the firm’s talented pool of professional writers who know how to create compelling content that brings in customers. Building an audience and establishing loyalty among its members are two specialties that takes pride in. By expanding the number of people who know this is a viable way to order their contracting supplies, the retailer is sure to see a surge in sales.

Anyone wishing to learn more about All Points Fasteners should visit today. Or, they can call 1-800-483-6354 to speak with someone over the phone.

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