Artificial Intelligence 2012 & the Fractal Brain Theory

In this presentation, public speaker Wai H. Tsang reveals fully what several 2012 commentators have partially predicted, the coming of a world changing revelation to do with the Brain, Artificial Intelligence and Consciousness. The emergence of a unifying and definitive Fractal Theory of Brain and Mind. A huge and mysterious gap in human understanding will finally be filled. What some scientists, philosophers and technologists have supposed may be 50 to 100 years away in the future, is here today in London 2012. He will explain that the brain is a fractal computing architecture and reveal an elegant way of understanding the brain’s structure and operation, showing the same basic fundamental structure and process, being repeated at all scales and all places in the brain. Something that leading brain researchers and artificial intelligence experts have only so far been able to hint at, will be demonstrated clearly in this cutting edge talk. While discussing the latest and most up to date ideas in neuroscience today, Wai will show that behind the mind numbing myriad complexity of the brain lies a stunningly beautiful and elegant simplicity. This Fractal Brain Theory, is the key to Artificial Intelligence and the Technological Singularity. This Theory will have immediate consequences initially in the worlds of Science and Technology, but will then impact dramatically on the Social, Political & Economic realms. Furthermore the Fractal Brain Theory also holds the key to
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11 Responses to Artificial Intelligence 2012 & the Fractal Brain Theory

  1. Tanren says:

    Started good, very intressting information but then really got downhill at the end.

  2. Jason Keller says:

    an asian who speaks proper english? very cool.


    He hasn’t explained where the missing sock is. It seems to disturb the fractal. And what IS the biggest rock?

  4. breadbassed says:

    same difference. Read the series of books by Mike Hockney called the God Series, then im sure you’ll find the term acceptable. :) Peace

  5. peter K says:

    enlightenment please we all know who uses the term you used

  6. peter K says:

    I am looking forward to seeing science adopting yet another hindu idea as there own

  7. Consistency24 says:


  8. Marc Ellis says:

    This theory has legs, i look forward to watching it run.

  9. breadbassed says:

    illuminism coming at ya from all angles! It really will change the world 😀

  10. Frank Flores says:

    Didn’t mention the pineal gland.

  11. Pyaghoubi says:

    Very little AI – very much FBT. Very little evidence – very much theory. Very little connections – very much assumption. Very seemingly narrow minded me – but very fractal actually. Good stuff though. All in all very interesting.

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