Artificial Intelligence Lecture No. 1

Video of the Lecture No. 1 in Artificial Intelligence at Ravensburg-Weingarten University from October 4th 2011. The Topics are: – Introduction
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10 thoughts on “Artificial Intelligence Lecture No. 1

  1. The field of artificial intelligence raises interesting questions. People have designed machines that mimic or model many aspects of human intelligence, icluding a memory stream. There are robots currently in use whose behavior is described in terms of goals, beliefs, and perceptions. Philosophers disagree over whether such robots truly think or simply appear to think and whether such robots should be considered to be conscious.

  2. I like this I need to finish watching the lecture after I take a few hours of sleep, and I’ve been wanting to find something to learn Artificial Intelligence. Love it!

  3. If something is able to learn something on its own, it’s by definition conscient (“with knowledge”). But whether something is conscient or not, says little about how conscient it is. I mean, is a sociopath not conscient? Or a Parkinsons patient? I don’t really think the question is that deep, philosophically. Although some will definitely disagree.

  4. I know we can emulate computer prcoessing, I just wanna know how to emulate specific ones, such as calculating large/complex equations without a calculator.

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