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Researchers from Harvard and Caltek have created an artificial Jellyfish. TYTScience discusses the research and findings. Leave comments below Send your clip to TYT Nation at
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  1. hahaha thats how the words come out when im thinkin in a rage about ignoramous’ and there naive thoughts…def was a retard, “take 2” type of sentence now that youve pointed it out

  2. i know. but i think you still you could use this as a alternative. also, i`m uncertain if the collagen itself that has been cultured is suitable for this particular purpose. Having a collagen skeleton of a human organ with the cells washed out and having a large jar of cultured collagen from say,Nemopilema nomurai are rather different scenarios. i`m not even confident that all cultured collagen is type-1 which is the kind found in organs.Not skin collagen or one of the other kinds.

  3. There is already better technology for stripping the cells out of a pigs heart, and using the collagen framework to introduce human stem cells to produce a heart.

  4. lot of u people are dumb as fuck…this is just a “prototype”. The beggining stages of another experiment. just cause this is one solitary piece of microscopic silicone doing acrobatics in a petri dish doesnt mean they couldnt engineer millions of these to work together somehow in the future. Just cause it doesnt look impressive at this point doesnt mean it is not meaningful work u dumb pieces of human trash. use ur goddamn brain and think beyond ur dumb ass simple troll like explanations!

  5. Such as? Because they are waaaaaaaaaay more pragmatic and less ridiculous ways that this to propagate heart cells lol. Tell me what uses putting rat heart cells on a piece of silicon then constricting them would have? Considering that cells take damage and respond to negative stimuli which would be considered pain. Imagine your heart having electricity being pumped through it at random. Please show me how I’m wrong.

  6. you do recognize the possible applications for this? because i do. it suggests we may be able to use this type of silicone in regenerative medicine. it maybe be possible to use this as a stand in for collagen protein when we attempt to build synthetic organs.

  7. Dude…. watching how to build a beating heart. From National geographic explorer. This might look cool but the corelation between this and rebuilding a heart is not very pragmatic. I honestly don’t even see the point other than just making a weird rat heart thing on silicon.

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