Arum asegura Manny pagó impuestos

Arum asegura Manny pagó impuestos
El problema de impuestos de Manny Pacquiao en las Filipinas — en donde el gobierno reclama que debe 2,200 millones de pesos ($ 50 millones) en impuestos atrasados hasta julio — está fuera de base, dijo el promotor Bob Arum, de Top Rank, en una …
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YouTube Culls Gamers' Videos
As Computer and Video Games reports, some top-rank gaming YouTubers claim that hundreds of their uploaded clips have been auto tagged as being in violation of copyright. But Blizzard, which is behind World of Warcraft and StarCraft–MMORPGs that …
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Pacquiao reportedly owes M to IRS, but lawyer denies it
"For each of Manny's fights that occurred in the United States, including those in 2008 and 2009, Top Rank withheld 30 percent of Manny's purses and paid those monies directly to the Internal Revenue Service via electronic funds transfer," the …
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