ARZU Partners with Fathom for Pro-Bono Digital Marketing

Cleveland, OH (PRWEB) November 26, 2012

In the spirit of entrepreneurship, sustainable development and community-building, Fathom has partnered with ARZU STUDIO HOPE, the innovative charity famous for high-end, hand-woven rugs and Peace Cord bracelets. ARZU chose Fathom to increase sales leads and donations for its Afghan rugs via website traffic. The charity is enlisting Fathom for a variety of digital marketing activities, including keyword research; search-engine optimization; content development; online PR; and social media consultation.

The name ARZU is derived from the Dari word for hope, as the organizations for-benefit corporation model creates jobs for Afghan women weavers and their families to lift them out of poverty by providing them steady income and access to education and healthcare. ARZU sources and sells the rugs woven by these women while providing fair-labor, artisan-based employment.

“Working with Fathom provides us a unique opportunity to apply cutting-edge Web marketing techniques in support of our mission to grow the employment base for Afghan women and to further social justice,” said Connie Duckworth, Chairman & CEO of ARZU. Our organization promotes fair wages, education, womens literacy, natal care and environmental sustainability in Afghanistan. Having Fathoms entrepreneurial marketing guidance will help us increase both sales leads for rug buyers and funding from charitable donors via the Web and ultimately strengthen the power of our own distinct brand of social entrepreneurship.

This pro-bono partnership is the perfect fit for Fathom, said Scot Lowry, President & CEO. As a company, we believe strongly in many of the same values that ARZU stands for. We are privileged and honored to be able to use our marketing capabilities to serve its noble causes.

About ARZU

ARZU, which means hope in Dari, is an innovative model of social entrepreneurship that helps Afghan women weavers and their families break the cycle of poverty by providing them steady income and access to education and healthcare by sourcing and selling the rugs they weave.

While structured as a 501(c)(3) in the United States and an international NGO in Afghanistan, ARZU operates as a for-benefit corporation, using private sector practices to create jobs in desperately poor rural villages where little opportunity exists.

About Fathom

We believe that all investments in marketing and advertising should be held highly accountable. Fathom is a full-service digital marketing and analytics firm that delivers profitable revenue for its clients across multiple digital touch points. Our results-oriented approach aligns well with mid-cap and large enterprises alike. Our proven track record of success across multiple industriesincluding manufacturing, technology, education, healthcare and sportsallows us to back up our promise to deliver results that matter. Companies that want simple answers to the digital worlds complex marketing questions choose Fathom for the assurance that the return on their advertising budgets will be highly profitable.

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