As Airline Profits Rise, World Patent Marketing Pushes For A New Airline Safety Invention

New York, New York (PRWEB) April 29, 2015

World Patent Marketing, a vertically integrated manufacturer and distributor of patented products, introduces the Safe-float, a airline safety invention. This patent claims airbag-like balloons which will allow emergency services a higher probability of successfully evacuating aircraft involved in controlled emergency water landings.

“We are forecasting long-term demand for 36,770 new airplanes, valued at $ 5.2 trillion.” said Scott J. Cooper, CEO and Creative Director of World Patent Marketing, “We project that 15,500 of these airplanes or 42 percent of all new deliveries, will replace older, less efficient airplanes. Improved profitability is allowing airlines to increase investment in safety for future growth.”

This safety invention can have profound change on the entire airline industry, says Cattya Bella, Director of Product Development for World Patent Marketing. “After a string of airline tragedies, the Safe Float is exactly what people need to feel confident about flying again.

Recent reports note an airline profits rise due to an increase in demand and a significant decrease in fuel jet costs. This caused the stocks of American Airlines to skyrocket. In fact, CEO Doug Parker gave up cash pay for the year and wanted to be compensated entirely with company stock. This is a common move in the tech industry but is very unusual for airline companies. If anything, this is a clear indicator that public trust has been restored in the airline industry.

With the increase in profits, there is also an increase in passengers and with it, the need for a safer way to travel. The Safe Float is a safety invention that works along the principles of air bags in cars. If the plane suddenly needs to make an emergency landing, water is usually the last choice since the plane will eventually sink. However, when equipped with the Safe Float, the sensors will detect if the plane has landed on a body of water and will deploy balloons on designated areas to allow the plane to float. These flotation devices are located all over the plane so as to support the entire the frame and not cause breakage.

This safety invention ensures that the aircraft can make it out safely if they ever need to emergency land on water, says inventor Kareem G. The Safe-float contains a water detector so that it can automatically deploy if the pilot is unable to issue the manual command. This detector requires to be filled with water before deploying the system so that it will not deploy when the plane passes through a raining area.

Dave Garner, a tech enthusiast and frequent flyer from New York, has this say about the Safe Float: When it comes to airline safety, nothing is as important as making it out alive after an emergency landing. No matter how well the airlines service and maintain their planes, one way or another, something can and will go wrong. Unfortunately, the safest way to do this would be on land but the metropolis has too many buildings and infrastructures to even consider this. With this safety invention, the pilot can readily decide to land it on water and ensure that everyone can make it out safely.

The Safe Float is a safety device that needs to be installed on every commercial, military or even cargo plane around the world.

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