AS IS Presents: ROSS

The OFFICIAL Story of The REAL Rick Ross as only AS IS Magazine can bring it to you.
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17 thoughts on “AS IS Presents: ROSS

  1. As long as we view crack as an “only” option to survive, we will never completely level the playing field. The day of complete racial equality will probably NEVER come in the US because racial divides are too deeply ingrained in every facet of our nation’s culture, even in the way Americans think. But there ARE other options, and it’s wrong to pass these values to our young brothers and sisters. We’re basically telling them that this is all they can ever be, keeping each other inside the bucket.

  2. then again, why not blame the fiends? nobody made them smoke crack, they was already on drugs. coke fiends turned into crackheads. fuck those disadvantaged people who were trying to make a living where you have no education, jobs, or any wealth at all. you must be white, or an old ass nigga who never had to decide between doing what there (selling crack), or figuring out some way to leave the situation.

  3. @BLKJEW01no a nigga didn’t. you better do some reading. i don’t understand how you can blame a death marching pawn. why don’t we blame the people who transported kilos by the thousands, and created crack: George Bush, Ollie North, The Contras, and the CIA? furthermore, you need to check yourself on that “selling out your race” bullshit. i guess we blame the victim in america, and the lives of “drug dealers” are ruined as well.

  4. , , were you in the game no. were you there no. so how in the hell are you guys going to say something about shit you dont know. get the right imfo and then you be the judge, tell him in his face not on line you gay ass faggets, you dont even know the man, so who in the fuck r u. if your aman about it lets meet up in la calif and say it in his face, can u do that no. you will be dealed with 4 real my nig freewayzoe pc

  5. This man is a sell out to his race. Rick Ross will have his day with GOD for all the lives he destroyed with the crack. Fuck Rick Ross i have no love for this house nigga, fuck him. Any man who sells out his own race is not fit to live amongst civilized people. You can blame the white man all day long but at the end of the day that nigga introduced that poison to his own people and all these years later, just look at the lives crack has destroyed. Again fuck him. Sell out bitch.

  6. yep that’s how American gov. gets down..but the rednecks are so dumb they beleive any propaganda that the U.S feeds them and they beleive that America is an innocent uncorrupt country.

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