As time goes by: World's top 10 most visited websites

As time goes by: World's top 10 most visited websites
I read in USA Today this week a report detailing the top-10 most-visited websites based on time spent, with Facebook at the top of the heap. It's not a surprise that Facebook led the list, but the numbers behind the numbers are very interesting when …
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Yahoo in talks to acquire Dailymotion video website
YouTube is currently the most popular video based website and Dailymotion the 12th. Reuters reports that “Yahoo's various websites ranked 10th on the list.” So this acquisition doesn't net a higher performer. Perhaps these “various” websites will be …
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GameSkinny Lands M to Develop Its Video Game Website
The website itself looks a little rough around the edges, but what's important is that it's attracting content on a regular basis. That's the hardest part, as it's easy for even the most popular websites to lose contributors because they either lose …
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