As Video Marketing Booms, TrafficSure CEO James Schramko Declares: Videos Are A Great Start Make Your Message Heard Via Multimedia

Sydney, AUS (PRWEB) December 26, 2012

As recent statistics show that 64 to 85 percent of viewers are more likely to make a purchase after watching a product video, more and more business leaders have become convinced of how the persuasive powers of video continues to revolutionize the online marketing scene. But one of the leading online marketing leaders today, TrafficSure CEO James Schramko, will be the first one to say that videos should not be seen as the be-all and end-all of a successful marketing strategy.

Schramko made a noteworthy statement recently that puts to a halt the general assumption that businesses should dedicate a huge part of their marketing resources to video production alone. According to Schramko, for videos to generate web traffic and achieve targeted results, it should be part of a comprehensive marketing campaign.

His opening line affirms how online video marketing provides tremendous possibilities to help a business succeed, thanks to the compelling, personal and direct impact that a well-made audio-visual presentation offers. With more than 200 million regular online video viewers, the virtual audience is indeed a huge source of potential market share for many businesses today. Thats why we credit a huge part of the success of our website traffic services at TrafficSure to our video marketing component.

Schramko is quick to say, however, that the strength of their campaigns relies on a well-integrated approach. Thats how TrafficSure stands out from all other web traffic providers. We are not dependent on any single form of traffic or platform. Through strategic planning and technical know-how, we identify the top channels and craft a way to utilize all of them into one holistic approach.

TrafficSure packages typically use video news publishing as the pivotal point of a brand campaign. The client submits footage, which the in-house production team will edit and enhance to arrive at a more professional and polished final cut. The video will be optimized and distributed to various channels, from YouTube to social media sites to online communities and other relevant places on the web.

To make full use of the material, it will be converted into podcasts, used as reference for press releases, and promoted through bookmarking, RSS feeds and syndication. The result is a carefully curated and crafted multimedia assault that assures the client that their message resonates well with its target audience, and provides the audience a truly engaging and helpful connection with the businesses they trust.

Schramko says: To effectively engage your market through multimedia content isnt easy. Being a content creator and publisher requires a mode of articulation thats totally different from the language of business. But thats what is required of business owners today, and thats what we are here to help you with.

TrafficSure offers various packages to suit the unique needs of each business. To know more about potent, urgent and practical ways to tell your brands story, visit today.

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