ASEOHosting Comments On Google Crawlers New Locale-Adaptive Indexing

Hudson, FL (PRWEB) February 16, 2015

AHosting, a leading provider of SEO hosting and multiple-IP hosting, has commented on Googles recent upgrade of its crawlers to address a long-standing issue with locale-adaptive websites. The company believes that while the updates are welcome, best practices for international and local search engine optimization remain unchanged.

The upgrades allow Google to intelligently process sites that change the content they serve based on the users location. Some site owners choose to use IP geolocation and HTTP header information to serve users locale-specific content and content in appropriate languages. While AHosting recognizes that Google is striving to accommodate sites that choose this method of internationalization, the company continues to recommend that site owners use separate location-specific URLs and IPs to maximize the benefits of their international and local SEO efforts.

Googles updates enable its bots to crawl from geo-distributed IPs and set language preference headers so that the crawler can access and index locale-adaptive content, but Google advises that best practices have not changed. Google continues to support and recommend using separate locale URL configurations and annotating them with rel=alternate hreflang annotations.

Google has to deal with the web as it is, and not how it would like the web to be, commented ASEOHostings Vice President of Customer Relations, Daniel Page, And so it frequently updates its search technology to account for edge cases and non-optimal implementations. Such updates do not indicate a change to Googles preference or the best strategy for achieving optimal search engine results. The locale-adaptive updates were made because some site owners choose to use non-standard internationalization strategies, not because Google prefers those strategies.

The international SEO strategies supported by both Google and ASEOHosting include the use of country-code specific URLs with unique IP-geolocated sites that implement the rel-alternate hreflang tags to indicate alternate language and locale-specific sites. To that end, ASEOHosting offers its clients international SEO hosting plans with over 1000 different class-C IP addresses, in addition to a huge range of country-code top level domains, and hosting facilities in both the US and the EU.


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