ASEOHosting Comments On Googles New HTTPS Ranking Signal

Hudson, FL (PRWEB) August 20, 2014

ASEOHosting, a provider of premium SEO hosting, is releasing an advisory to address the concerns of clients and the wider online community regarding Googles recent announcement that HTTPS and SSL certificates will be used as a ranking signal in its search engine results pages.

It should be made clear that Googles announcemen t does not imply that the purchase of an SSL certificate is required to rank in the SERPS. However, in combination with many other ranking signals, a sites use of SSL encryption is likely to give it an advantage relative to competitors who do not implement SSL.

HTTPS is a weak ranking signal affecting fewer than one percent of queries quality content and other ranking signals are likely to have significantly more impact. Google has indicated that it may strengthen the HTTPS signal in the future, so it may be advantageous for webmasters to implement HTTPS on their sites even though the ranking benefits are likely to be minimal in the short-term.

Many in the SEO industry are unhappy at Googles use of the SERPs as a means to modify webmaster behavior, particularly when it comes to an issue as important as security. They have valid concerns about the usefulness of SSL certs on sites that dont communicate sensitive data, commented ASEOHostings Vice President of Customer Relations, Daniel Page, Nevertheless, given the potential SEO advantages, the obvious security benefits, and the low cost, we see no strong reason that sites should not implement HTTPS.

There are various types of SSL certificate available, from low-cost domain-specific certificates to more expensive Extended Validation (EV) certificates that have more stringent identity verification criteria. It appears that Google is not currently discriminating between certificate types the signal is the same regardless of the type.

ASEOHosting, as an international SEO hosting provider for sites carrying sensitive information, is an experienced vendor of SSL certificates with support staff ready to help hosting clients that decide to take advantage of the new ranking signal.


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