ASEOHosting Comments On Post-Pigeon Local SEO Strategies

Hudson, FL (PRWEB) November 24, 2014

ASEOHosting, a provider of premium SEO hosting has released an advisory for local businesses considering altering their search engine optimization strategy in the wake of Googles recent updates to its local search algorithms.

The algorithm update, dubbed Pigeon, has resulted in changes in organic results for some verticals, increases in ranking for local directories at the expense of local business results, and the changing of the granularity of local results from the city to the users physical location.

ASEOHosting has seen a number of businesses in affected verticals concentrating their local SEO efforts on local directory listings at the expense of investment in organic search results. ASEOHosting believes that a mixed local SEO strategy is the best response to Pigeon. In addition to seeing increases in local directory listings in the SERPs, which has forced a number of local search results from the first page, the algorithm changes also place more emphasis on organic results. A mixed local SEO strategy would see companies invest resources in cultivating stronger domain authority and link building, in addition to traditional local SEO efforts.

“As a hosting provider that specializes in local and international SEO, were well placed to see how companies that rely on localized searches are changing strategies in response to Pigeon,” commented ASEOHostings Vice President of Customer Relations, Daniel Page, “While many are following a mixed strategy that adequately reflects the best available information concerning the recent updates, some are putting all their eggs in one basket, a strategy that might show some limited short-term benefit, but will in the long run harm search engine traffic, particularly from mobile.”

The algorithm updates have seen some increases in spammy results and local directories in the SERPs, but ASEOHosting believes those results are likely to be subject to readjustment in future algorithm updates. Companies that have concentrated on improving organic search results are likely to ride out future changes more successfully than those concentrating on strategies that are likely to be rendered ineffective in the near future.


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