ASEOHosting Comments On Upcoming Google Panda Data Refresh

Hudson, FL (PRWEB) June 15, 2015

ASEOHosting, a provider of premium multiple IP hosting and SEO hosting, has commented on recent reports of an upcoming data refresh to Google’s Panda Algorithm. The data refresh is expected to happen this month. ASEOHosting’s team of SEO hosting specialists have commented to clarify how a data refresh differs from an algorithm update and the changes that the refresh is likely to bring to search rankings.

First reported in Search Engine Land on June 2, the upcoming Panda data refresh was announced by Google Webmaster Trends Analyst Gary Illyes.

The Panda Algorithm is a filter intended to reduce the presence of low-quality sites in Google’s search results. The Panda filter is the result of extensive user testing that used crowd-sourced impressions to develop a picture of what a high-quality site looks like. With the introduction of Panda, a huge number of sites that were considered low-quality suffered significant declines in search ranking. Unlike other algorithm components, which are updated continuously, Panda requires periodic data refreshes.

When data refreshes occur, webmasters can expect to see changes in page ranking, which may be positive or negative moves depending on the new data. Sites that have followed SEO best practices may see an improvement in their ranking.

“Many businesses depend on search traffic to generate revenue, which means they pay close attention to algorithm changes. There is a mine of misinformation on the web, especially where SEO is concerned,” commented ASEOHostings Vice President of Customer Relations, Daniel Page, “At ASEOHosting, we think it’s important to get correct information out to webmasters so they don’t make potentially harmful changes to their websites.”

It is important to note that a data refresh to Panda is not a substantive change to the algorithm. It does not imply any alteration in search engine optimization best practices. Google’s advice for creating high-quality sites has not changed, and if webmasters are following this advice, they should continue to do so.


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