Ashton As Jobs, Terrafugia’s Flying Car, Jack White’s Marketing Stunt

Ashton As Jobs, Terrafugia's Flying Car, Jack White's Marketing Stunt

Today on The Daily Brief we look at the following topics: Ashton Kutcher to play Jobs: Jack White’s unusual single release: Terrafugia’s transition flying car tests: Your viral video of the day: AskMen: Follow us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter: Follow us on Foursquare: Let us know know your opinions by commenting below!

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14 Responses to Ashton As Jobs, Terrafugia’s Flying Car, Jack White’s Marketing Stunt

  1. JobsLondon says:

    Really first-rate material! In actual fact I am likely going to use some of this tips in my up coming program.

  2. powerslamreviews says:

    I love video marketing and it looks like you do too!

  3. OneTrueView says:

    Yeah I agree, Kutcher could be a good Jobs, and this is coming from someone who had idolized him for years. But only time will tell.

  4. HeyThereRonaldo says:

    Ow my eyes.

  5. leotigerman86 says:

    Seeing how well our populace drives cars in 2 dimensions, is it really safe to add a 3rd dimension into the mix?

  6. Hossified says:

    I can see James May testing the flying car on top gear when it gets closer to release

  7. animewatcha says:

    And then Jack white is sued by the RIAA, MPAA, etc. because he illegally distributed copyrighted music and it wound up costing the associations 300 million dollars.

  8. KalaiFromHawaii says:

    That little twist when you tell us to like, subscribe and share…

  9. JoeBird76 says:

    She is so pretty. Wish I knew her!

  10. ygalion says:

    i just watched flying car watch?v=l_wSkp_CIcg

  11. TSCon23 says:

    I Would totally marry Chloe!

  12. frikynikkid says:

    I love to see your…

  13. Thetablepower says:

    those are some kissable lips

  14. betkiss says:

    awesmoe monks be awesome

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