Ashton Kutcher’s Steve Jobs Movie Faces Steve Wozniak’s Criticism

Apple co-founder, engineer of original Mac discusses reaction to new film “Jobs.”

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15 Responses to Ashton Kutcher’s Steve Jobs Movie Faces Steve Wozniak’s Criticism

  1. xudnoxaj says:

    WOZ IS GOD !!!

  2. hhsin821202 says:

    Well lemme tell y’all, if Steve hadn’t died there wouldn’t be a film about him. There just wouldn’t be.

  3. cristiancoppel says:

    Well everybody knows Hollywood is really stupid and always make horrible movies about real people. All they want is more money for cheap movies and bad acting.

  4. TheTbagjones says:

    fuck you woz 

  5. TheTbagjones says:

    woz is working on the sony flim he is just mad five star beat them to the punch

  6. alexaadap says:

    the moment they cast kutcher as jobs, the filmed was domed

  7. rammwurst says:

    Movie-Studio: “No, this is nothing serious, we just wanna make some dirty money.”

  8. Zman7326 says:

    Pirates of Silicon Valley is the movie to watch about Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Bill Gates, etc.

  9. BoomersGold says:

    LOL, can’t tell if you’re being serious… “Who was the one who walked the stages at press conferences…?” Yep, let’s give all the credit to the person who markets products at conferences and conventions and disregard everyone who actually “made” and designed the products (engineering team, the programming team, the designing team etc). Let’s credit Steve Ballmer for Windows XP and Windows 7 while we’re at it, as he marketed them whilst all those engineers and designers sat at home.

  10. Thomas Van eldik says:

    Wozniak is already helping with another movie about steve jobs

  11. Matthew Gunning says:

    stupid film makers.. think they know exactly how to portray people

  12. zamardii12 says:

    Why didn’t they consult Wozniak before writing thus shit?

  13. Jack James says:

    yeah, but that’s like the only reason they got him for the movie, haha.

  14. BuddhaBassLine says:

    BRB, re-watching Pirates of Silicon Valley.

  15. hromi says:

    Woz is so much right! Such a lame performance from Kutcher and who the fuck is that guy playing Woz?? He looks like some hobo, who just got a job in IT business, WTF? If there is a movie worth to watch which portraits Jobs and Woz its Pirates of Silicon Valley and not this crappy try for a movie!

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