14 Replies to “#AskGaryVee Episode 21: Video Views, App Marketing, and Time Management”

  1. Ok, I get it. Go native, go deep, jab, jab, jab, jab …big right hook! But when it comes to mechanics of making sales online, you need identification, call to action, no? Both here and on your FB post, you have no links, no e-mail sign up. Do you just trust that with enogh good will and trust people will find your website/email when it’s time to buy? If I need my content to drive bookings, should I not at least have a link for more info, when people are ready for it? Thanks big G. 

  2. Watching and waiting for each episode, learn something new from each one! Galaxy girl over here and alibaba…. yeah that would be the piece I learned today. 😉 Thanks for making me a little bit smarter. 

  3. So comments are your oxygen, eh? Ok, Tell ya what… You keep “breathing life into life” with this show (that’s what you’re doing) and I’ll commit to making some sort of comment on each episode. Some of them may be a one word comments such as “Amen” or “Word!” or whatever, but I’ll commit to making some sort of comment for… Let’s say at least the next 100 episodes. How’s that sound? You keep answering questions… And I’ll keep commenting. YOU!… with a little bit of me… we’re changing the Q&A world… Whether they like it, or not. 

  4. Just pressed the UN-LURK button. You have been a wealth of knowledge. Fan since Wine Library favorite one in the snow, inspired by CRUSH IT , in addition THANKING everyone, now JABBING like Mayweather. Your website is AWESOME.

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