#AskGaryVee Episode 52: First Impressions, Patrick Ewing, & Google Plus

#AskGaryVee Episode 52: First Impressions, Patrick Ewing, & Google Plus

QOTD: Give me some stories from your experiences with company holiday parties. I need gossip, people 🙂 Also, why are you not visiting me this weekend at Wine Library? 🙁 #TIMESTAMPS 00:51…

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  1. One corporate party had an employee get a little too much drink in him and he became “that guy” at the party. He was happily telling our CEO how he could better do his job (and my CEO at the time was pretty intense hustle no BS type of guy). My table of employee buddies (every company has the clique’s) was watching and smiling telling each other how he’s turning into “that guy at the holiday party” you always hear about in stories. Turns out, it played itself out like any good company holiday story including the walk of shame into the building the next day with assorted apologies and hiding under his desk a lot. Of course there were rumors he was fired until he walked in the door that morning.

  2. Sorry GV – no juicy corporate holiday stories from me. My sweet holiday story is there’s a store in Phoenix that loved my grandmother so much, and she was known for wearing a Santa hat in December, so they display her hat on an angel as part of their in-store display: http://bit.ly/XND0ow. And I live in Arizona. Unless you’re sending a private plane to pick me up, I’m not going to make it to Wine Library this weekend. I don’t drink or buy wine anyway. 

  3. +Randy Ross It was hysterical! Take all your favorite bits from the best 80’s movies and there you have it. Lucky for her this was ages ago; no smartphones to video her performance. :)

  4. +Gary Vaynerchuk My #QOTD for you Gary: – If you were to start back from scratch, do you think you would be able to be “just” an employee? What kind of employee would you be? – If a 17 year-old Gary V. time-travelled to today and applied for a job with you, with the same self-confidence to take-over V.media, the world and the Jets, what would be your attitude towards him?

  5. I wish I was coming Saturday. I was very tempted to use my southwest points to fly from Nashville in the Jersey just to come and say hello. But we have a holiday party at our house. 

  6. Gary, I think you should do more contest (like the almond guess) to keep us engaged, or some trivia. I would love to join Saturday, but I’m in Portland, OR…fly me out and I’m there! The worst corporate holiday party have attended was at a trashy bowling alley. I not against bowling, but the place was so bad, there were drugs being delt in the bathroom, and people smoking inside the bar (and it’s illegal to smoke indoors in Oregon). I felt like I needed to take a shower after the party it was so trashy. 

  7. Most placed I’ve worked have shied away from the stereotypical “holiday party” afraid of Mad-Men-Like scenarios. We’re lucky if there’s a lunch involved.

  8. #QOTD: (A) Give me some stories from your experiences with company holiday parties. I need gossip, people 🙂 (B) Also, why are you not visiting me this weekend at Wine Library? 🙁 (A) I have never been to an EPIC company Christmas Party. The usual people get sloshed and odd coupling results, but thats about it. Actual one year there was a White Elephant that had a pretty hilarious S&M Barbie set, thats all I got….. (B) Now you got me feeling bad… Im not going cause I am Alaskan… but ill visit the store…. Does that work?

  9. HILLBILLY JIM, FTW! QOTD: I don’t have a good story… that I can remember 😉 .. AND I’m working on it! I want to! If I come I need my copy of Crush It autographed, a selfie, AND two recommendations under $20 each. A moscato for my girlfriend and a red wine of your choosing for myself. Maybe they should be under $15 each if I am driving the three hours and 15 minutes!! #haha #IAmNeedy 

  10. Holiday parties can get messy. One time a lady got so sloppy drunk when it came time to speeches she stepped infront of the owner (with a bottle in handle), cut him off as he was speaking and proceeded with her own spiel. Needlesstosay she didn’t work there the following day. Yikes! :/ Have FUN tonight Vaynermedia!! 

  11. #QOTD Oh Gary, you’d love all my past workplace gossip. Especially at the jobs I had all throughout college. Let’s just say that personal trainers party HARD so feel free to razz your trainer about that since it’s a fact. Leading me to question #2, some of my old co-workers and I are getting together because one of our dear friends is heading home to Oklahoma so I won’t be able to make it. 🙁 We will definitely be taking a selfie one day, though!

  12. Company parties – Hmm haven’t been to any! We never host any holiday parties come to think of it Why I’m not coming to WL – I’ll be in South America then! Sorry Gary, I’ll keep the comments coming though :-)

  13. Yo Gary, how goes it? First off, I have to admit it’s been a LONG while since I’ve commented. I think maybe 4-5 episodes? Any who, I’ve mostly started listening to them on iTunes or Soundcloud so I don’t always consume on youtube. Although I am getting back into the youtube groove now. I don’t have any good christmas part stories… sorry. Anywho, I won’t be able to go to WL and chat with you live. I’m all the way in California, and it won’t work with my schedule. That would be so dope though. I don’t get to see my friends that often (because of the hustle!) and this weekend we are finally going to have a pre-christmas party. I’ll let you know if anything happens there haha I’ve been ordering from WL and it’s been a good experience so far! I got some of the Bello Family cab the other day 🙂 I’m going to try my best to get a present to your before Christmas! If you hate it, it’s all good. Congrats on hitting 50 episodes. I got up to 18 episodes on my web series and we got a client from the series! So cool. 😀 Peace out

  14. Gary, I was invited by the owner to stop by a night club on New Year’s Eve. A young man was practically dragging a very drunk young woman towards the women’s restroom. He propped her up by the door, she swore at him, pushed him away, and stumbled inside. I looked at the guy standing in the hallway and stupidly asked, “First date?” He shook his head slowly, looked at the floor and said, “No, she’s my wife.” My friend knowingly whispered in my ear, “That’s what happens when you marry the party girl from college.” 

  15. Our Christmas party this year I ended up playing babysitter to one of my coworkers. I mean…like… legit putting her in a cab, making sure she didn’t punch people, ordering for her at Denny’s kind of babysitting. It was like reliving college all over again. Oh, and she tried to steal a half a bottle of wine from our venue after already enjoying 1.5 bottles to herself. 😉 Good times…good times.

  16. Time to stop lurking and start contributing. This is why I will not come: http://www.wolframalpha.com/input/?i=distance+from+prague+to+new+jersey Corporate stories… I will never forget crazy sleigh ride few years ago and my colleague falling off the sleigh. But he wouldn’t give up so he decided to stick to the skid and finished the ride. 

  17. Hottest girl in my life at the time (16 yo) and still being a virgin…respond and I’ll tweet a picture at you you’ll understand why…we ended up making out on the dance floor with her mom n dad watching. She was cashier…I was warehouse… 4 months later… Still a virgin -.- I’m over it though…trust me

  18. I don’t know that I can really share the full extent of this here, but at a school I used to work at, we had an Xmas party at a bar. One of my teacher friends proceeded to bang another teacher on the hood of the PRINCIPAL’S CAR. When we got to school Monday, there was a very distinguishable butt print on the car hood. Word spread quickly 😉 Yee haw!!!

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