ASMRU Sleep Countdown by the Artifical Intelligence Relaxation Companion

Unveiled to the public for the very first time is a prototype version of the Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response Unit (ASMRU), or what I like to call the AI Relaxation Companion. It is currently running the Relaxation Sleep Countdown program. There are still some minor glitches that need to be worked out with the program and unit itself, but for the most part I’m happy with the design and operation. Also I’m still not sure if I want to add a more natural flesh tone to the unit’s white polymer latex skin to make it look more human. My goal, once I get enough investor backing, is to be able to mass market this to the consumer so that everyone can have their very own Relaxation Companion. Imagine lying in bed or relaxing in your favorite chair or recliner as the ASMRU whispers your favorite book, folds towels, paints, taps, crinkles plastic or even performs an eye exam! Let me know what types of Relaxation programs you’d like to see performed if you had your own ASMRU and I will do my best to code them and run another test video using this prototype. Investors: please contact me directly for complete model specifications. – ER Facebook: Twitter: ASMR Shop: Mind Ink Shop: KOTW:
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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18 Responses to ASMRU Sleep Countdown by the Artifical Intelligence Relaxation Companion

  1. EphemeralRift says:

    Ha, I like that idea. Let me jot it on my list of requests and suggestions. Thank you!

  2. SOAMLE says:

    could you do a vid of an ASMR junkie, searching the streets for playing cards, crinkly plastic, etc…?

  3. XxkckoolkatxX says:

    You must’ve spent a hell of a lot of time editing each blink! Congratulations, you’re easily the best ASMR artist out there.

  4. kellymarieapplebee says:

    your too good at this!

  5. captinkillahoe19 says:

    Ur a total badass

  6. edspats says:

    Bravo! Very creative and well thought out. I’m so impressed

  7. OnlyASMRHere says:

    Didnt blink!

  8. daredevilpwn says:

    When will these be released on the market :p

  9. leashy666 says:

    Wut vid program do u use? These fx are great!

  10. HughD2Can says:

    ok nice nice, lol but in final its white and black

  11. Ricchezza094 says:

    This really relaxed me but the sound at the end kind of startled me and jerked me back into being awake.

  12. TheNotoriousEze says:

    Coming soon to retailers in my area??

  13. MrNobeaner says:

    Each video is incredibly brilliant. I hope this is what the future looks like o.o

  14. MrLtMuldoon says:

    WHAT this is awesome!

  15. Zachary Rivelli says:

    Subscribed! Your videos are absolutely brilliant!

  16. 41stetson says:

    U never stop amazin me dude

  17. CheersBros says:


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