Association of Independent Information Professionals Attracts Growing Global Membership 2013 Campaign Invites Entrepreneurs to Participate in a ‘Culture of Abundance’

Baton Rouge, LA (PRWEB) May 31, 2013

Being an independent, small business owneranywhere in the worlddoesnt mean you need to work alone. The Association of Independent Information Professionals (AIIP) has launched an outreach initiative intended to expand its international membership and bring more solo entrepreneurs into the fold. Current members represent six continents and nearly twenty countries, and international membership is growing.

In todays global business environment, its more important than ever that independent info pros have a long reach, says AIIP President Jocelyn Sheppard. Our members work with clients in manufacturing, materials, international trade, security, and morethey know the importance of moving critical information across borders and oceans. North America-based members who work with international data or content appreciate new opportunities to collaborate with partners in European and Asian markets as well as Canada and the Pacific Rim.

Whether focusing on import-export data, market research, reputation management, library and archive management, online communications, translations, or technology training, AIIPs members put information to work for their clients.

Sheppard says, Its our aim to promote AIIP around the world. In the global village, what organization can afford not to? AIIP is serious about providing value to members outside North America. We are stronger together.

Professionals who explore AIIP will find we offer a very competitive array of benefits to our members in North America and beyond, adds Sheppard. In particular, we continue to look for new vendor partnerships to expand on the savings we create for our members outside the United States.

International Benefits

AIIPs international members gain the opportunity to form transnational business relationships that can turn into collaborative work. They can gain worldwide visibility by writing for AIIPs publications and sharing their knowledge and expertise in person at AIIP conferences and regional gatherings. And they can meet others by volunteering on AIIP committees.

As a virtual organization, AIIP provides several avenues for members to connect. Examples include the AIIP LinkedIn group, live and recorded webinar programs, and an active and collegial email discussion group.

In 2011, AIIP established the Pam Wegmann International Award. The award recognizes the contributions of an AIIP volunteer from outside North America and provides a stipend to help the member travel to the U.S. for AIIPs annual conference. The 2014 conference will be held in Baltimore, Maryland, April 2-6, 2014.

Members Share How AIIP Helps Them Succeed

AIIP members cite the associations engaged, expert, and collegial community as the core value of membership.

AIIP has an established matrix of members in countries such as Israel, Australia, Canada, and the U.K., says Arthur Weiss, owner of AWARE and based in the U.K., who serves on AIIPs board as Director of Membership. Members who are clustered in these countries hold regional meetings in addition to the annual AIIP conference.

Australian AIIP member Heather Carine of Carine Research, AIIPs 2012 Wegmann Award honoree, participates in regular chat meetings to foster collegiality among Australasian members. Despite the many miles between AIIP members around the globe, she says, members feel a close connection. Being in Adelaide, South Australia, Im a long way from members based in the Northern Hemisphere, Carine says. So distance and time zones dont always work in my favor. But I still very much feel a part of AIIP. AIIP has certainly not only opened doors for me, it has helped me to develop my skills, to develop my confidence, and to grow and to see a future growth in my business. She adds, It is great to be part of an international community of inspiring, generous, and helpful info professionals. There is a culture of abundance within the AIIP community, where members generously share their experience and knowledge to help new and experienced colleagues to develop their information and business skills.

U.K.-based AIIP member Michele Bate, of Archer Van den Broeck Limited, says, Its like being part of a huge, international familyI feel like I am surrounded by supportive colleagues, even though I work on my own.

Arthur Weiss concurs, saying, Being an AIIP member means that even if you work alone in a home office, you arent alone. You have a few hundred colleagues globally, and thats an invaluable network. And among those colleagues are top industry professionalsbook authors, senior editors, and others who really know their stuff.

Information entrepreneurs at all levelsfrom the person just setting up a business to the well-established info proare welcome at AIIP. Independent information professionals looking for a network of supportive, knowledgeable, and highly skilled professionals are encouraged to visit the AIIP website and consider joining. Full, Associate, and Student memberships are available.

About AIIP

The Association of Information Professionals (AIIP, is the premier industry association for independent information professionals. The membership consists of more than 500 owners from around the world whose firms provide research and consulting services across a wide variety of industries. Business research, competitive intelligence, market analysis, database development, training, and information management consulting are just a few of the areas in which AIIP members specialize. Some of the vertical industries AIIP members serve include scientific, medical, pharmaceutical, regulatory, information technology, education, financial services, manufacturing, nonprofits and life sciences. A directory of members is available at

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