At Large PR Co-Founder and CEO, Brittany Walters-Bearden, Appears on School for Startups to Offer Advice on PR for Startups

Dallas, Texas (PRWEB) October 16, 2013

On the October 11th episode of School for Startups, Brittany Walters-Bearden, the co-founder and CEO of At Large PR, which offers PR for startups, offered startups advice on public relations. Every business can benefit from getting the word out about themselves, but most small businesses and startups cant afford traditional public relations services. At Large PR is designed and priced to meet the needs of startups, offering ad-hoc public relations services, so Walters-Bearden is well-aware of the challenges that face startups.

Appearing on the show, Walters-Bearden offered advice and insights for startups that are trying to do it themselves, and a few ideas that they can discuss with their public relations firm, if they are one of the startups lucky enough to be able to afford a professional team. Walters-Bearden says, School for Startups is a fantastic resource for startups, and the show always has interesting guests who are experts on all things startup. I am very proud to be one of them.

She added, While we have some large clients, our primary focus has always been helping startups and small businesses take advantage of all that public relations has to offer, which the traditional retainer model precludes them from. We understand and are well-versed in the challenges that they face, from pricing to securing coverage, so I hope that by sharing some strategy and some tips, listeners were able to walk away with a better grasp on PR. It is such an honor to have been one of Mr. Beachs guests, and I hope that his listeners were able to obtain some real takeaways that they can start implementing or build into their strategy.

Jim Beach, the host of School for Startups, said of Walters-Beardens interview, I have been in PR for 25 years and I learned some new things, some new tricks from Brittany.

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School for Startups

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