Athento Releases Its New Infographic: The Universe of File-Sync and File-Sharing

Silicon Valley, CA (PRWEB) November 30, 2013

Last August, the creative team behind Athento launched a study about how information workers use these types of applications. To do this, a short questionnaire were used and distributed through social networks and the companys blogs in Spanish and English. The company is now releasing those results in the format of an infographic which aims to explain the universe of these applications, and what information workers think of them.

Some of the results of the study include the fact that 95% of workers surveyed use file-sync and file-sharing for work documents. The main reason behind the success of these programs, 87.18% of respondents say, is that it allows users to access their documents from any device.

Another point brought up in the infographic is the way users see this type of application related to Enterprise Content Management systems, the market in which Athento is being developed. In the questionnaire used in the study, users were asked if, in the case of obtaining an ECM, they would still continue to use the system (or not). Some 64.1% of users said that, even if they did have an ECM system, they would still continue to use these applications.

For Athento, the aim of conducting studies like this one is to place a specific value on these applications, as well as on the needs that users have when working with them. Although Athento is a Smart Document Management application and our product fits into the ECM market, its important for us to understand how users work and to make their work easier, whatever tool they use when they work with documents. Thats the reason why, for some time now, weve been working on integrating Athento with other applications, such as Dropbox, or providing Athento services, such as automatic tagging, in,” says Jose Luis de la Rosa, CEO of Yerbabuena Software Inc.

The infographic can be downloaded for free from the Athento web site.

About Athento:

Athento Smart Document Management incorporates leading-edge technology such as Machine Learning, Semantics and Image Processing to automate processes related to work on documents. Athento helps businesses automate processes related to the capture, management, storage and delivery of documents. With Athento, a company can get the traditional functionality offered by a document management system, as well as all the functionality of a capture system; and, with modules, also cover needs of delivery, storage and BPM. For businesses, this means a significant reduction of costs and a global document management system thats robust and integrated within their IT systems.

Athento is in charge of managing the documentation of such businesses as the DIA Group and Leroy Merlin.

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