Atlanta Blogger Releases Season One of Internet Talk Show

Atlanta, GA (PRWEB) July 18, 2014

Lauren Bowling, the blogger behind popular finance blog L Bee and the Money Tree, unveils the completed first season of her latest project, a short-form internet talk series titled, Awkward Money Chat.

The idea behind the show is that talking about money is something that makes most people feel incredibly awkward, Bowling said, We decided to put it all out there. Make the show both funny and entertaining, playing up the awkwardness while still hitting on the educational points.

Since March, Bowling and her team steadily unveiled a new video each week, each featuring a guest with a unique money story. During the first season, guests candidly discussed student loan debt, debt consolidation, investing, and money management for both married and unmarried couples.

I think the biggest interest has been in hearing real people talk and explain their approach to personal finances, Bowling said. Theres this question of ‘Is what Im doing with money normal? Am I normal? We tackle all of that on the show.’

When asked where the idea for a money blog and financial talk show came from, Bowling cites her history working on wall street in New York as the impetus to begin writing about finance.

My blog is a financial diary of sorts, its all about my experiences with money: things I do well, things I fail at and how I can learn and get better.” She says, Whether it is through blogs or video, I want to get people talking about money. Once we can bring it out of the shadows as a taboo topic, the more enlightened and empowered people will be.

Blogging since 2012, Bowlings writing and expertise has been featured on, The Huffington Post, Learnvest, HGTV, and Yahoo! Finance, among others. Awkward Money Chat is produced and edited by Kevyn Bowling, a recent film graduate of the University of Alabama, and freelance videographer in the Atlanta area.

The entire first season of Awkward Money Chat is available for viewing on Bowlings site and on the L Bee and the Money Tree YouTube channel. Visit for more information.

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