ATMOS Global Announces the Successful Launch of Its New Elite Dust Management and Dust Control Systems at MINExpo 2012

Melbourne, Australia (PRWEB) October 30, 2012

ATMOS Global (ATMOS Australia Pty Ltd Elite Atmospheric Air Quality Modelling & Forecasting and Climate Change Research Consultants ) has celebrated the expansion of their range of elite research consulting services, the industries they serve and their global reach by sharing at MINExpo 2012 their recent dust management success stories and first-of-its-kind constellation of worlds first transformative multi-system dust management technologies assimilated in the companys new services line-up structure, intuitively named the DustPack : Evidence-Based Dust Management Service Structure (ATMOS-5D+ , DustAlert+ , DustFinder+ and RiskBalance+ ).

ATMOS-5D+ Integrated 5D Global and Site Specific Dust Impact Forecasting Management Platform for Mine Haul Road Dust Control – a multi-agent autonomous ground breaking Dust Management 5.0 (a term ‘coined’ by ATMOS Global in June 2012) technology that coordinates and supports the mission critical activities of distributed dust control agents to solve practical dust management problems in a more effective way.

DustAlert+ Artificial Intelligence Multi-factor Multi-parameter Dust Impact early Warning System an advanced dust mitigation system that allows mine site operators to intervene to control potential dust impacts in an optimal and timely manner.

DustFinder+ Ultra Intelligent Dust Assessment and Management System a well-conceived multi-layer approach to dust management planning that targets productivity improvements in the critical areas of mining operations.

RiskBalance+ Evidence-Based Dust Management Plans philosophy – a fully developed approach to formulating Evidence-Based Dust Management Plans .

ATMOS-5D , ATMOS-5D+ and DustAlert+ are complex multi-component systems that deliver more than 25,000 highly specialised dust impact forecasts every year; this is achieved 24/7 through ATMOS Globals Center for Global and Site Specific Dust Impact Forecasting, Management and Control .

Dr Orestis Valianatos, the Global President and Chief Executive Officer of ATMOS Global, said that MINExpo 2012 represented the beginning of a new era for ATMOS Global. It was an important moment in our companys history marked by the launch of ATMOS Globals revolutionary Air Quality and Climate Change Academy which is the latest addition to our worlds first elite air quality management and dust management research consulting services: ATMOS-5D , ATMOS-5D+ and DustAlert+ .

ATMOS Global uses green energy from Green Power accredited sources to offset by 100% the carbon emissions related to its energy consumption.

For the most up to date information on ATMOS Global ‘s new worlds first elite dust management research consulting services that have been launched at MINExpo 2012, please visit our new website.

ATMOS Global was also a supporting sponsor of the Australian Pavilion organised by the Australian Government at MINExpo 2012.

Prospective client companies that are interested in learning more about ATMOS Globals Elite Atmospheric Air Quality Modelling & Forecasting and Climate Change Research Consulting Services are invited to contact our friendly ATMOS Globals Air Quality and Climate Change Ambassadors for further information and a confidential phone consultation by visiting our new website.

Notes for editors

Dr Orestis Valianatos is the Global President and CEO of ATMOS Global (ATMOS Australia Pty Ltd). He has extensive experience and an influential global perspective in the fields of atmospheric and air quality forecasting (model/system developer and user), education and strategic corporate advisory services. Entrepreneur and agent of change, he has authored more than 50 ground breaking air quality research publications (internationally published). In 1999, Dr Valianatos initiated an ongoing successful journey to pioneer, encourage and support the use of advanced 3D dispersion modelling, numerical weather prediction and air quality forecasting concepts and techniques for the day to day understanding and management of complex air quality issues for the mining, manufacturing and energy industries.

ATMOS Global (ATMOS Australia Pty Ltd) is a wholly Australian owned leading global strategic consulting company specializing in the provision of advanced innovative atmospheric, air quality modelling & forecasting and climate change services. We have been developing and pioneering advanced three dimensional (3D) Numerical Weather Prediction and complex air quality modelling & forecasting tools to deliver accurate air quality management solutions for the mining, manufacturing and energy industries for almost two decades.

For further information please contact:

Dr Orestis Valianatos

Global President and Chief Executive Officer

ATMOS Global (ATMOS Australia Pty Ltd)

Phone: +61-1300-69-28667 (+61-1300-MY-ATMOS)

Email: orestis(at)atmosglobal(dot)com

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