Attorney Internet Marketing Company, Integrated Lawyer, is working with The Urquhart Law Firm PLLC

Newport Beach, Ca (PRWEB) November 27, 2012

Integrated Lawyer, the attorney internet marketing company based in Newport Beach, California, has now taken on the Houston Maritime Lawyer, John Urquhart, as their new customer. The Urquhart Law firm hopes to improve its official website and its Google rankings, thus facilitating the access of the maritime workers community to reliable legal services.

As the recent years have brought an increase in the importance of a trustworthy and visible online presence of companies no matter their line of work, law firms have also adapted to this tendency and have started to improve their visibility on the web, in order to reach a broader category of possible clients.

While in the past people reached legal firms through the recommendations of friends and acquaintances, the recent years have experienced a change regarding the way people choose one law firm or the other. Nowadays, most law firms new customers have gotten in touch with the lawyers through the internet. Now, the experience, trustworthiness and reliability of a law firm are mainly evaluated through its online presence. Customers in need of an attorney prefer to search for law firms on the internet, read recommendations and feedback from past clients of the firms, and choose the law firm with the most credible and visible online presence.

Furthermore, most law firms on the internet offer online consultation and informational material that facilitates the first interaction between customers and the firms attorneys. As a consequence, improving the online visibility of a law firm not only brings more clients, but also helps possible clients to find some answers to their numerous questions without having to pay any commissions. In the end, it is a win-win situation.

Lately, people have also become more educated in terms of what their rights are and what a good law firm should do for them. Nowadays, clients with specific types of cases look for attorneys who specialize in that field, in order to increase the chances of receiving high quality legal services and a satisfactory settlement.

For example, the Urquhart Law Firm handles cases of personal injury but also specializes in maritime injury cases, a somewhat less known field of legal expertise. Thus, the Texas maritime lawyer needs to reach a very specific category of possible clients, and the best way to do this is improving the firms online presence.

By searching online for a maritime lawyer, Houston clients or people from any other part of the country should be able to find the Urquhart law firm and get in touch with an attorney easily and rapidly. This is the goal the Texas maritime attorney, John Urquhart, had in mind when hiring Integrated Lawyer to improve the website of the firm and its organic rankings.

The collaboration between the attorney marketing company and the Urquhart law offices has the purpose of increasing the public awareness concerning the type of legal services offered by the firm, as the CEO of Integrated Lawyer, Adam Maywald has stated: “We’re extremely happy to work with John Urquhart. We look forward to growing his organic rankings in Google, re-designing his new look and feel for his website and increasing his service awareness within the Maritime workers community.”

Integrated Lawyer is a lawyer marketing agency which integrates various forms of digital marketing, offering efficient internet marketing solutions to lawyers and attorneys all over the country. Their newest client, the Urquhart Law Firm, P.L.L.C, handles personal injury cases. When in need of the expertise of a maritime attorney, Houston clients can contact John Urquhart at the Urquhart law firm and ask for a consultation.

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