Attorney Marketing with a Difference – Google Advertising and Social Media Management for Lawyers, Fully Compliant with the Rules of Professional Conduct

San Francisco, California (PRWEB) December 06, 2014

California-licensed attorney Ken Matejka and New York-licensed attorney Grace Matejka are excited to announce the founding and launch of Matejka Marketing, Inc., ( a company dedicated to helping lawyers and bar associations get more clients from the Internet. It’s core services are Google advertising for lawyers, attorney social media management and search engine optimization for law firms.

But in addition to being a terrific source of new clients for their law practices, there is an important difference – they promise that every Google ad, every blog entry and social media post that they create for their clients are 100% compliant with their local rules of professional conduct.

Matejka Marketing serves exclusively the legal profession and brains leads into its clients law practices through a combination of Google advertising, social media management, and search engine optimization.

When asked to describe what makes Matejka Marketing different from other lawyer advertising companies, Ken Matejka, president of Matejka Marketing, said, “what makes us different among the other companies that provide similar services to the legal profession is that we are a company founded by and run by lawyers with decades of legal marketing experience.”

Since both of the founders are licensed lawyers, they guarantee that all of the attorney advertising, social media posts and attorney content creation for search engine optimization are completely within the guidelines of the Rules of Professional Conduct and in particular Rules 7.1 and following, regardless of the State in which the attorneys practice. Ken Matejka, the company’s president is a frequent presenter at bar association-sponsored Continuing Legal Education on ethics issues relating to website content and advertising.

The company is based in San Francisco, California and serves lawyers and bar associations across the country. It currently provides services to over 20 bar associations and many law firms. It’s a boutique service and as Ken Matejka describes it, “we are not looking to be the next largest Google advertising factory for lawyers. We have an exclusive clientele and our small group of dedicated professionals helps them get the most out of every marketing dollar invested.”

One personal injury law firm in Baltimore, Maryland, uses Matejka Marketing for it’s Google advertising and social media management and has said, “As an old phone book guy, I really appreciate the big difference you’re making in our law firm. Two cases we received from your Google advertising efforts this year have paid for our Google advertising for the rest of our careers.”

In the month of November 2014 alone, Matejka Marketing’s clients were on the first page of Google’s search results over 6 million times, receiving over 27,000 visitors and over 1,000 inquiries. Co-founder Grace Matejka says, “We are very proud of the success we have with our clients. No one in the nation has as much specific experience in attorney advertising with our backgrounds. Ken has been connecting clients and lawyers for 25 years and I’ve been in it for 17 years.”

The company’s Google advertising services for lawyers focuses on very targeted Google users so as to reach local legal consumers at an advanced stage of the buying process. “We don’t want to show ads to people who are just looking for legal information. When they’re ready to lawyer-up, that’s when we want to get your message in front of them,” Ken explains.

Matejka Marketing also makes extensive use of Google’s cookie-based “Remarketing” advertising allowing them to show banner ads for their lawyers across the web on sites like YouTube, Yelp and New York Times. Matejka has found the banners to be a very affordable way to show a law firm’s message numerous times to people who have previously been to their website or who match a profile of someone who has been to your website in the past.

While Matejka Marketing also advertise its clients in Bing, Yahoo, LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter when necessary to reach a specific client type, Matejka Marketing dedicates a lot of its resources towards client acquisition through Google because of Google’s overwhelming market dominance in the United States for law-related search.

“Bing and Yahoo aren’t dead yet for attorney advertising and it’s very difficult to spend very much there in lawyer advertising because of the low search volume but you have to keep a line in the water in case there’s still a big fish or two in that watering hole,” Ken notes.

Another distinguishing factor for Matejka Marketing is that it is a full-service social media management company. The company posts regularly to the social media platforms of many law firms and bar associations while gathering “Likes,” “Followers” and other connections with the hundreds of millions of daily social media users. Unlike other companies, every post and connection is researched and made by actively licensed lawyers, fully aware of the rules of professional conduct as they relate to social media.

If you have questions about this article or about what Matejka Marketing ( can do for you to bring more clients into your law practice, whether that is through Google advertising for lawyers, social media management or search engine optimization for attorneys, you can write to them at info(at)matejkamarketing(dot)com.

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