19 Replies to “Audience Suggestion Box: Yahoo! Answers (Late Night with Jimmy Fallon)”

  1. haha! the Top Answer for people born on February 29th is funny xD Anyway I saw this fun and anonymous Q&A mobile app and thought of sharing.. it’s called aNSWERED. I love Yahoo! Answers and I loved aNSWERED, so you should like it too!

  2. hahaha!! hugging my kitten until her eyes popped out. WHAT. I think most question and answer apps/websites have such troll questions… lol Places like aNSWERED, quora e.t.c on top of Yahoo Answers.

  3. haha that’s funny ^^ I think last few days I saw this really weird question on Quora as well, and the week before that I saw this person asking if it would hurt chopping off his hands on Q&A mobile app aNSWERED. 

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