Augmented Reality in the Cloud Market Research Report

Dallas, Texas (PRWEB) July 17, 2012

Augmented Reality applications combine virtual data into the physical real world by utilizing the wireless devices, compass, camera, and GPS system. AR represents a potential large opportunity for wireless communications for many device types including wearable equipment. Many applications will be hosted in the cloud.

This report analyzes:

A. Major trends in AR industry and implications

B. AR applications and could based implementation

C. Wearable devices, leading companies, and implications for AR

D. Google’s AR business model and strategy

E. Implications for AR in the semiconductor industry

Target Audience:

1. Semiconductor providers

2. AR application developers

3. Government organizations

4. Wireless device manufacturers

5. Wireless/mobile network operators

6. Presence, location, and GIS suppliers

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Table of Contents for this report includes:

1.0 Executive Summary 5

2.0 Introduction 9

2.1.1 User Position And Augmented Reality11

2.1.2 Collaborative Applications 17

2.1.3 Augmented Reality Challenges 18

2.1.4 Augmented Reality Popular Applications 20

2.1.5 Augmented Reality In Tourism22

2.1.6 Augmented Reality And Face Recognition 22

2.1.1 Case Study: How To Use Ar With In Mobile Commerce 23

2.1.2 Conclusion

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