Austin Mahone’s Pool Party in New York City – Austin Mahone Takeover Ep. 34

Austin Mahone's Pool Party in New York City - Austin Mahone Takeover Ep. 34

Check out Austin Mahone play pool with one lucky fan in New York City. See who wins in this episode! watch a brand new episode here –…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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16 Responses to Austin Mahone’s Pool Party in New York City – Austin Mahone Takeover Ep. 34

  1. Lucky8z says:

    OMG aw she was so sweet

  2. IlonAtzMusic says:

    hahah, u’ve got to be kidding me.. In the winter in Finland it can be like -40 or something.. 😀

  3. Demario Donner says:

    IF YOU ACTUALLY GIVE A FUCK AND READ ALL OF THIS THEN THANKS YOU. I work my ass off 2 make it in the music biz, but it’s impossible 2 make it if nobody ever hears you, and it’s hard to get people to hear you when you have no exposure. I don’t have the money for amazing music videos or big YouTube advertisements. So all I’m left with is spam. If you could take 2 seconds to give me thumbs up just so people know i exist JUST ONE CHANCE

  4. Kidrauhl Tomlinson says:


  5. Alice Campbell says:

    I wanna be cold, I live in Australia – Queensland, it is hot as!!!!!!!! I wanna be in New York city! + see you there!

  6. Carmen Bieber says:

    The grils are like hi is a hot guy that, and Austin hey hi THEY DIDN’T KNOW ME?! I’d probably run to his arms and hug him with so much love :’)

  7. Carmen Bieber says:

    I’d probably die if I meet Austin in the street HAHAHA is the first thing I thought when the video start.

  8. Briana Charlie says:

    Did he say babe babe grab those sticks

  9. Natascha Vanessa says:

    deberian de traducirla al español:c

  10. TheGabrielleChatman says:

    Austin’s just like,”Hi!” Lol

  11. 21BeautifulRoses says:

    Lmao when Austin says “Hi” to the lady

  12. Belibers Mahomies says:

    OMG he finally did it lol omg i love him so much!!!!

  13. Brooke Rodriguez says:

    Come back to Texas!! San Antonio feels empty now

  14. Gloria Acevedo says:

    She’s so lucky!!!

  15. lillian herrara says:


  16. lillian herrara says:

    thats kind of crazy because i have a dream the other day of me and austin playing pool at my house!!

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