Australia-based digital company launches revamped cloud-based hosting solution; The Digital Group unveils Everest Hosting

Melbourne, Australia (PRWEB) January 21, 2013

The Digital Group (TDG), one of Australias leading digital solutions companies, has launched the latest addition to its growing portfolio of services. Following 12 months of development, it recently launched Everest Hostinga world-leading platform built within the best-of-breed cloud-based architecture of Amazon Web Services (AWS).

We saw the potential of the platform and service that Amazon offered and we wanted to maximize this technology and capability for the benefit of our clients, TDG Managing Director Ashley Farrugia explained. A lot of businesses want to be able to tap into the AWS service but lack the in-house technical capabilities to manage such a transition. This is where Everest Hosting comes in. Everest delivers all the benefits of the AWS platform without the minimum infrastructure (and cost) requirements of dealing directly with Amazon.

Everest Hosting offers cloud-based services that are fully scalable so clients can easily manage and cope with the dynamic requirements of the online marketplace. It operates out of the brand new AWS Sydney data center and features auto-scaling, automated load balancing, CloudFront access and automated back-ups to Amazon S3 built within a multi-user cluster.

Everest Hosting can also assist clients in gathering analytical data and generating reports using cutting edge tools. This service is offered on a per report payment basis.

Farrugia furthered, On top of these world-leading features, each Everest client also gets their own individual control panel which we believe is something unique in a multi-user environment within AWS. The TDG chief also noted that a client can now be deployed on AWS via Everest Hosting in under 24 hours while enjoying all the operational benefits of the AWS platform at a significant saving to their minimum investment involved in dealing directly with AWS.

Everest Hosting now currently supports more than 2,000 businesses onlinefrom low-level sites to full, high transaction ecommerce sites.

Melbourne-headquartered TDG offers a unique one-stop online facilitation business. It helps businesses and organizations in all aspects of their online business and growth strategy.

TDGs expertise in the online area stems partially from its own experiences in launching, growing and operating the following websites:

DealMonkey Australias largest aggregation site of daily deals

DealFree Australias only daily deal site requiring no upfront financial commitment

PETBox Australias only vertical aggregating product specials in the pet vertical

All the Catalogues An aggregation site of all retail-based catalogues published in Australia

Doggish – Australias number one ranked classified site for the sale/purchase of dogs

Horsez A leading Australian site for the sale/purchase of horses

As Farrugia noted, “For every problem a client may encounter, or every strategy they may wish to pursue, we have a bank of knowledge and expertise compiled from the hardest teacher of all– first-hand experience!”

The digital solutions firm sets itself further apart in the Australian digital space by also offering email marketing solutions via Sendnow. It also has one of the largest digital marketing teams in Australia. The group manages nearly two million non-incentivized email addresses and offers some powerful solutions across EDMs, co-registrations, lead generation, member acquisition, post-sale web traffic, SEO and SEA.

For more information about TDG, visit To get started on Everest, log on to

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