Author discusses scientific ambition in sci-fi thriller

BANGALORE, India (PRWEB) September 20, 2012

While the world undergoes revolutionary advancements in science, the timeless themes of power, friendship and greed continue to be ever-present. In her provocative book, The Silicon Mind (published by AuthorHouse), Manikarnika Lagu tells the captivating story of one neurosurgeons obsessive quest for academic acclaim and the mystery that, once unraveled, reveals the jaw-dropping effects of an advanced neural chips effect on the human brain.

Ray, a brilliant neurosurgeon in Bangalore, India, believes in achieving success at any cost. His need for accomplishment causes him to take advantage of an accident that leaves renowned physician Dr. Aman Kapoor in a coma.

While Aman lies helpless, Ray and his American collaborators arrange a controversial surgery: A robot implants a chip inside Amans brain. It works. Aman emerges from his coma refreshed and alert. But as Ray expected, the chip has significantly enhanced Amans brainpower and is causing him to suffer strange symptoms negative side effects of a power struggle between Amans mind and the artificial intelligence of the chip.

Aman, still unaware of the sophisticated procedure that turned him into a medical guinea pig, embarks on a search for answers. He traces his bizarre bodily symptoms and sudden miraculous healing powers to his brain operation with help from Dr. Manasi Menon, a headstrong psychiatrist who loves such challenging cases, and her journalist friend, Ishan, who is known for his unorthodox methods for uncovering the truth. The true source of Amans weird illnesses revealed, Ray buckles under pressure from Manasi and his own beloved daughter, Sakshi, and vows to undo the wrong he has done by playing God.

This thought-provoking sci-fi thriller intertwines an intriguing human story with that of the scientific world. Lagus depiction of the science behind the chip is extraordinary, as is her ability to capture the emotional and psychological evolution of the characters. From the no-holds-barred business of scientific research to the simple bond between father and daughter, The Silicon Mind captivates readers on multiple levels.

About the Author

Born in Kerala, India, to a highly educated matriarchal family, Manikarnika Lagu earned her Ph.D. and pursued a career in physics as a teacher and researcher at Banaras Hindu University in Varanasi, specializing in condensed matter and non-linear physics. She has published several research papers in various scientific journals. After working in academia for two decades, she took voluntary retirement to pursue her passion for writing.

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