Author Nicholas Black Releases “Terrorist University: How Did It Happen That The US Government Knew About The Madrid Bombing And Did Nothing,” Complimentary Copy Available

Baltimore, Maryland (PRWEB) December 17, 2012

Author Nicholas Black never expected to become a critic of the American government and its role in suppressing al Qaeda terrorist attacks. However, that is exactly the role that Black has found himself filling since being extradited from Valdemoro prison in Spain in 2003 and communicating with U.S. intelligence relevant information pertaining to past terrorist attacks. Seemingly sitting by and realizing his efforts were for naught, Black recorded his experience of collecting sensitive counter-terrorism information and delivering his findings to the American government, which idly sat by, allowing the al Qaeda attack to go on as planned. The second edition of his book, Terrorist University: How Did it Happen that the U.S. Government Knew About the Madrid Bombing and Did Nothing? unveils new information and court documents. The book is currently available as a complimentary download on Amazons Kindle until December 19, 2012.

I did not write this book to sensationalize a story. Rather, I wrote this book because I felt people needed to understand that their government and the officials that we elect to serve the greater good do not always do just that, stated Black. I have seen and experienced a lot in all my days as a security contractor, U.S. Navy serviceman and member of the French Foreign Legion, but nothing compares to my time in Valdemoro prison, collecting evidence and information on behalf of the American government, only to become their puppet in a much larger crime.

Indeed, Blacks account is one that begins rife in patriotism. The author is quick to point out that he felt privileged to serve as an operative and believed that he was doing a service to his country and the Spanish people in the defense against al Qaeda. However, Black is also quick to voice his disappointment in the actions ultimately taken by the U.S. government, or lack thereof.

I was a pawn, simple as that, noted Black. But its the government who has blood on their hands, not me, and it is my intention that the general public know about this. Terrorist University is an opus to the lives lost in Madrid, as well as to all of those individuals the world over who have paid the ultimate price just so politics could play itself out.

Terrorist University, published in its second edition by Enoch Press, was released on December 10, 2012 for use on Amazon Kindle. So passionate is Enoch Press about the true story Black has to tell, the company announced that the book would be made available for complimentary download from December 15 19. Interested readers should access the book by visiting Amazon prior to the December 19th cutoff date. After the end of the complimentary promotion, readers will incur regular costs should they wish to download the tantalizing e-Book. Also, readers without access to a Kindle e-Reader should not despair, Terrorist University will be available in paperback very soon.

I am quite lucky to be signed with Enoch Press, a company that truly stands behind my mission and my story, comments Black. So passionate is the organization that I will soon be engaging in a series of webinars and question and answer sessions with the publisher-in-chief. In these webinars, members of the general public will be able to submit questions to me and I promise to be as frank and honest in these sessions as I am in my book, Terrorist University.

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Nicholas Black is a former Security Contractor, U.S. Navy serviceman and member of the French Foreign Legion. In his book, Terrorist University, ISBN-13: 978-1481174008/ISBN-10: 1481174002, Black vividly recounts his undercover intelligence gathering operations in Ibiza and Valdemoro prison in Spain. The intelligence he gathered during his efforts should have successfully prevented the Madrid train bombings on March 11, 2004; however, history tells a different story. Nicholas Black can be found online at Terrorist University was released on December 10, 2012 on Kindle by Enoch Press.

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