Author Peter Scammell reveals mystery of ‘Donatellos Golden Boy’

EAGLE HEIGHTS, Australia (PRWEB) April 15, 2015

Fascination with Renaissance art and culture led author Peter Scammell to pen a thrilling mystery novel that weaves elements of both fiction and nonfiction. “Donatellos Golden Boy” (published by Xlibris AU) fuses intrigue, adventure and mystifying facts to illuminate the astounding wonders of this remarkable era in history.

A 530-year-old Florentine manuscript and drawn sketches resurface in the Baltic Seaport of Lubeck. Fine arts lecturer Elizabeth Harrington is asked by a former student to assist his family in the task of authenticating these renaissance writings and drawings currently in their possession. Harrington enlists the help of her mentor and work colleague, the Professor. As the manuscript is translated from its original Latin and light is cast on the mystery of the ancient text and drawings, Harrington and her mentor realize the importance of this discovery. They discover that the manuscript and drawings are a renaissance puzzle in the finest tradition of renaissance intrigue, power and art. As the puzzle unravels, the identity of Donatellos Golden Boy becomes clearer. Yet there are those who would reach from their ancient graves to suppress this secret.

Fast-paced and delightfully compelling, “Donatellos Golden Boy” blurs the line between fiction and nonfiction to a stylistic effect, spurring interest and provoking thought on the seemingly ordinary remnants of a bygone era.

“I believe this to be an intelligent and challenging read capable both of informing and entertaining readers,” Scammell says. “This book attempts to cast light on our modern existence through the prism of history.”

Donatellos Golden Boy

By Peter Scammell

Hardcover | 6x9in | 234 pages | ISBN 9781503503106

Softcover | 6x9in | 234 pages | ISBN 9781503503090

E-Book | 234 pages | ISBN 9781503503083

Available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble

About the Author

Peter Scammell was raised and educated in the city of Sydney in Australia. He attended North Sydney Boys High School then went on to study for four years at the University of New South Wales. He holds a degree in art and education. After graduating from New South Wales University, Scammell worked in Amsterdam and London as a public relations executive, returning to Sydney to spend five years as an independent music promoter, organizing concerts and small festivals. Scammell left the city to raise his children in rural Australia, returning to teaching to support his young family. Scammell spent ten years in the art and media faculty of the North Coast Institute of TAFE before being headhunted to the private education sector, where he spent five years lecturing international-degree students in cultural studies, fine arts and the history of ideas. Currently, Scammell writes, paints and teaches on the Gold Coast of Australia. He has exhibited his paintings extensively and has works in both private and public collections in Australia. Scammell has written short stories and articles since his university days. Donatellos Golden Boy is his first novel.

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