Social Media Marketing and Blogging Workshop

Social Media Marketing and Blogging Workshop
Event on 2017-07-13 09:00:00
Topics covered:

Why is social media so important for businesses?
Developing a successful social media strategy
Knowing which social media platforms are relevant to your business
Audience targeting
Competition monitoring
Creating content – knowing what content to create
Social media resources available and how to schedule social media posts
Measuring success – tips for measuring the effectiveness of your social media efforts
An introduction to blogs – how they can benefit your business
Content strategy – knowing what to blog about
What to write
What tone to use
Measuring success and best practices
By attending the Social Media and Blogging Workshop in Norwich, you will come away confident in your ability to use social media and blogging more efficiently and effectively. Please note, this course assumes you already have social media accounts, or that you a comfortable in using social media. The venue has wifi, please bring a laptop or tablet with you so that we can take a look at your own social media accounts in real time.

at The Space
Roundtree Way
Norwich, United Kingdom

Entrepreneur Corey Poirier interviews Jack Canfield, Chalene Johnson, John Lee Dumas, Pat Flynn, Mari Smith, Chris Brogan, Michael Gerber on Passion, Social Media, Passive Income and Podcasting twice each week – Conversations With PASSION! Corey Poirier

Entrepreneur Corey Poirier interviews Jack Canfield, Chalene Johnson, John Lee Dumas, Pat Flynn, Mari Smith, Chris Brogan, Michael Gerber on Passion, Social Media, Passive Income and Podcasting twice each week – Conversations With PASSION! Corey Poirier
from Conversations With PASSION! Corey Poirier
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View Details about Entrepreneur Corey Poirier interviews Jack Canfield, Chalene Johnson, John Lee Dumas, Pat Flynn, Mari Smith, Chris Brogan, Michael Gerber on Passion, Social Media, Passive Income and Podcasting twice each week

Innovative Marketing

Innovative Marketing
Event on 2016-09-30 12:00:00
The latest marketing equipment you need Disruptive innovations are everywhere, even in dark little corners. Watching you fight the daily battle of being unique. When you least expect it they open a hidden door with new opportunities. But are you ready to grab them? Each session, our team of seasoned professionals will give you the unavoidable actual trends in marketing land and will provide you with enough keys to fit multiple locked doors you’ve been struggling with. Moreover, with the ones you probably weren’t aware of. What can you expect? In 13 sessions you will receive an answer on the most crucial question: “am I willing to use all these new catchy concepts?”. Or would you wait until they’ll become the Uber of your industry and let them literally run over you? Every Friday afternoon you will be equipped with the latest technological trends and how marketing can use them to your advantage, and this all starting from September. Moreover, you’ll learn how to use your best artillery in terms of soft and hard skills. This all in order to sharpen your insights and clarify your tactics off and on the field. Ready to step into that dark alley exploring which direction you should go? But let our experts guide you. You will learn how to Detect the latest innovations in your territory Implement the latest innovations into your strategy Discover your own market potentials Strengthen your digital strategy online Improve your managerial approach Tackle complex issues in teams and organisations Use practical tools and methods to improve your corporate culture Clarify your market approach in an ever-changing environment Program Use Personal Core Capital Every day new situations are challenging us to be faster and more agile than we were yesterday. We will introduce you with some tools which can help you bending daily challenges to your own unfair advantage by using our own personal core features. Growth Hacking is no fiction  Building a great product from nothing is no fiction anymore. All you need is a serious hacking strategy and some amount of guts. Growth Hacking enables you to create the buzz your product deserves without having large budgets. This is the reason that some start-ups are better than others and why some mature companies are smarter than others. Digital Transformation We will show you all the aspects of Digital Transformation: what it is, what you can learn from other industries, where we are today, why it is so important, what it means for your company, what to expect and much more. Data analytics/Programmatic Innovations You probably already heard of the terms programmatic buying and Real-Time-Bidding. Still, what are the essential changes over the past months and how can you bend these innovations to your own advantage? We’ll provide you of answers in this session. Mobile apps are ruling you and your smartphone  Can you even imagine a life without those little tiles on your smart device who will help you measure, share and check nearly everything? Yes, there is a killing overload of crap although we’ll do tell you what it takes to get noticed in that billion dollar industry. The New Wave We all know that advertising on Facebook and Google is no rocket science anymore. Now we have innovations like Snapchat, LinkedIn and WhatsApp who are the prominent channels at this very moment. Let us take you beyond the basics and let’s discuss about serious possibilities. Digital business reinforcement LinkedIn and email are both very strong communicative channels most people are familiar with in the business landscape. Yet, did you realize a lot has changed over the past years and even months? So, are you ready for a strong update for improving your professional appearance and communication? SEO for Marketeers/CMO’s Pleasing Google in order to get a higher ranking is the ultimate goal when it comes to SEM. Unfortunately, Google knows this and changes its beloved secret algorithm several times a year. Still, not everything remains a secret for our seasoned professionals. Agile hacking your project fundamentals Innovative tools and transforming opportunities we are facing with at high speed. New tools don’t always fit your current strategy. We’ll give you adaptive methodologies and management advice facing all these new chances to success. They know what you’ll buy tomorrow How can neuroscience be effective in a marketing perspective? That’s a question that’s been asked a lot and is still underestimated. Learn the essential tools with a strong focus on the disruptive eCommerce environment. How virtual is shifting the reality We can’t ignore Virtual Reality anymore. Big players like Samsung are big spenders launching products and services towards this booming market. Our experts will convince you that there is way more you can do with just a nice pair of goggles. Tracking down a customer Attracting and engaging potential customers on multiple disruptive communicative channels became more demanding. How can we attract them? Where can we educate and engage them? Find the right channels for your company and discover the latest modifications. Lego Serious Play Discover how Lego blocks and a certified facilitator can improve your problem-solving skills as a team and improve common understanding in meetings. After introducing the concept we will put things into practice by testing the effectiveness of Lego Serious Play. Tap into your creativity and explore a new way of thinking. Dates: September 16th till December 16th Pricing: 3500 euro eVAT Enjoy a discount of 50% on the registration the program if your colleague subscribes with you. Ask for your discount code. ———————————————– Questions or remarks, please contact Rien van den Bosch of Duval Union Academy+32 477 200

at Urban City
Ankerrui 9
Antwerpen, Belgium

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Meet The Queen Of Imgur, The Image-Sharing Site That's Half The Size Of Twitter
Imgur has become the most popular site for millennial males, according to ComScore and one of the top-20 most visited sites in the U.S. Over the summer, Imgur's in-house advertising team sold its first promoted posts, native ads meant to look like the …
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The UN Library is home to lots of worthy books and journals but the most popular book of 2015? Well, it takes some … be as it seems. After realising that people were somewhat aghast at the title of “most popular” book, the UN clarified exactly what …

emfluence Marketing Platform Certification Jan 15th, 2016

emfluence Marketing Platform Certification Jan 15th, 2016
Event on 2016-01-15 08:00:00
Don't just use the emfluence Marketing Platform. Master it! Want to get smarter in how you use the emfluence Marketing Platform? There's a class for that. Over 100 marketers have completed the courses and are emfluence Certified. Join the ranks! Join us for a live Platform Certification training to dive deeply into the Platform and end up a Certified user. Because it's a classroom style setting, we're limited to 8 seats, so be sure to register now! emfluence Marketing Platform Certification @ emfluence Headquarters Check-in & Breakfast: 8:00 AM Courses: 8:30 AM – 5:00 PM You'll need to bring a laptop computer with you. If you don't have one, you may borrow one from emfluence (first come, first served). Hands-on Exercises include: Account & User Set Up Opt-In & Welcome Automation Content Planning & the Cross-channel Calendar Advanced Email Design Techniques Advancing Strategy with Variables & Variable Content A/B Split Testing Reporting & Analytics Listening & Learning with Feedback Surveys We'll provide breakfast and lunch and the day will wrap up around 4:45 PM with Boulevard beers in hand for a roundtable discussion of lessons learned and feedback. Plus, attendees receive a Certificate stating that they are now a Certified User of the emfluence Marketing Platform! Have questions about the training? Reach out to the support team at emfluence. Other Certification dates available: Friday, February 12th. Click here to register. Friday, March 11th. Click here to register. Back to top Meet the instructors: Jessica Best, emfluence Digital Marketing Evangelist & Speaker Jessica Best is part massive email, social media and online marketing nerd and part permission-marketing evangelist. She acts as a strategic consultant and subject matter expert in email marketing and social media marketing for various businesses and marketing associations in Kansas City, nonprofits and many emfluence clients and has spoken for audiences from a dozen to over 300 from Las Vegas to New York to Austin. Jessica’s primary role is as the content marketing director for emfluence, working to implement best practices we preach in emfluence’s own marketing strategy. She also helps manage the upgrades and feature updates for the emfluence Marketing Platform. Sara Theurer, emfluence Digital Solutions Strategist After years of being the go-to-gal behind the Support team at emfluence, Sara is now a solutions strategist, helping current and prospective clients compile smart digital marketing solutions using the best digital marketing toolset available: the emfluence Marketing Platform. She also helps train new clients and is the voice behind many of the video tutorials in the Help section. Alan Rapp, emfluence Account Service & Support Lead Have troubles with the emfluence Marketing Platform? Don’t understand how to use a feature?  Alan is now the pro behind the scenes at emfluence. He helps train new clients and answer those tricky "how-to" questions for many emfluence clients. Back to top

at emfluence
106 W 11th St
Kansas City, United States

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Eagle Wrestling Ranked No. 26 In Latest USA Today/NWCA Coaches Poll
MANHEIM, Pa. ( — In the latest National Wrestling Coaches Association/USA Today NCAA Division I Team Coaches Poll released, Dec. 8, the Eastern Michigan University wrestling team came in ranked No. 26 in the country. The Eagles …
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The Cowboys face their biggest test yet in the unbeaten Panthers

The Cowboys face their biggest test yet in the unbeaten Panthers
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Cooper uses Tunsil's performance as motivation to finish blocks and not allow himself to get beat by defenders in an effort to earn a high grade. It's a friendly competition that has developed between the two offensive linemen and is … While Auburn …
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The #1 mistake you make when measuring user engagement

The #1 mistake you make when measuring user engagement
Ariel Rosenstein: One of the key issues challenging measurement of mobile apps is that it is focused on static app store rankings and/or the number of downloads. These numbers don't accurately depict what is going on in the ecosystem because they are …
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Jon Sesso, Butte-Silver Bow planning director and Superfund coordinator, said the county is working actively with the state to make sure Butte firms get a good shot at doing the removal work, and to do a cost assessment and site analysis for the moving …
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2015 Fall State Rankings

2015 Fall State Rankings
High school boys cross country rankings from the New York State Sportswriters Association, as of Oct. 10. Ranking followed by team and section. For a complete list of rankings, visit the website Class A: 1, Liverpool-3; 2, …
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Two Montclair State University professors made it into the top 10 on, the world's largest website for college professor ratings. The website announced their annual lists that rank top professors and universities last month …
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