Video for Businesses & Startups: The Ultimate Meetup!

Video for Businesses & Startups: The Ultimate Meetup!
Event on 2017-07-17 18:00:00
You hear all the time: "You absolutely need videos for your business! They increase engagement, improve SEO, and help you make more sales.". But what is the best approach?

There are many approaches, so in a rare opportunity we've invited four speakers – the cream of the Austin video scene – to come and give us mini-presentations on the most important topics and answer your questions.

You may never get a chance to see these presenters together again! If there is only one presentation you can attend on video for business, make it this one. So much so that I wanted to call this "Everything you always wanted to know about video but were afraid to ask".

Jen Knoedl, Video producer, author, speaker and consultant will present on:

Join us for a practical mini-course sharing ways you can promote videos that your viewers want to see.

Lyn Graft, Founder of Storytelling for Entrepreneurs will present on:

Creating "Explainer" Videos for Your Website to Communicate Complicated Products.

Laura Lewis, founder of Odyssey Star, is known as a pioneer in the realm of integrated media and will present on:

The Integrated Media Platform as Your Launch Pad to Success.

Diane Bernard, Social TV, Live Stream expert, and Digital Marketing Executive will present on:

Live Stream the Marketing Game Changer: Learn how to get 10X the Social Currency and Customer Acquisition.



Jen Knoedl is a video producer, author, speaker and consultant. Her brands include 360 Virtual Travel, Better Smarter Food and Austin Christian Technologists and Entrepreneurs. Ms. Knoedl’s specialty is the ever-changing world of video. From television, to virtual reality, to live-streaming and everything in between- she transmutes her passion for learning to the viewer. You can find her on all the major (and not so major) social networks by searching “Jen Knoedl”.


Prior to becoming an entrepreneur, Lyn was an electrical engineer and taught snow skiing in the Rockies. He has a B.S. in Electrical Engineering, an MBA from the University of TX and is originally from New Mexico and loves honking at cows on road trips. You can follow him on Twitter @LynGraft or visit his web site at and


Laura Lewis, founder of Odyssey Star, is known as a pioneer in the realm of integrated media. In 1996 she was a producer and host of the “World’s First LIVE Triplecast” on Audionet—Mark Cuban and Todd Wagner’s venture that had only featured sporting events—until “Net Talk Live” made it on the airwaves. With a show that was broadcast on Television, Radio and on the Web simultaneously, Laura was among the first experts and media personalities to delve into broadcasting across all three mediums.

Laura hosted and produced over 220 original episodes of Net Talk Live/Net Talk Interactive show and has also appeared as a host and guest expert on many other radio and television shows including “Fox & Friends”, “Living Well with Montel Williams” and many others. Laura was also the host of the television show, “Empty Nesters” a 26-episode series presented by VeriaTV, now known as the ZLiving network based in NYC.

Laura’s most recent endeavor is Odyssey Star, a media and marketing company which specializes in publishing, production, digital marketing and promotion, with a special interest in working with individuals and businesses within the healthy living, wellness and lifestyle categories.



Diane Bernard is a Social TV, Live Stream expert, and Digital Marketing Executive. She is a speaker at CES, Digital Hollywood and Variety and Entertainment on Social TV and technology helping address industry changes. In addition, Diane has worked with hundreds of start-ups over the past 20 years and has trained over 20,000 individuals and companies on using live stream to grow brands, launch products, build followers and drive sales. Her talks include How to become a Social Influent(TM) building influential brands that level the playing field with larger brands and drives an inflow of valuable and fans and customers.


6:00 to 6:15: Meet & Greet

6:15 to 6:20: Introduction to ATXI

6:20 to 8:00: Main event

8:00 onward: Networking/Social


Dr. Ataollah Etemadi

All our events are for the benefit of the

Settlement Home for Children, and the Austin Children's Shelter

at Mister Tramps
8565 Research Blvd
Austin, United States

Bosphorus Seminar Days In Azerbaijan

Bosphorus Seminar Days In Azerbaijan
Event on 2017-11-05 09:00:00
We are Meeting in Baku, Azerbaijan on May 11th-14th.

Advanced Applications in Purchasing and Supply Management.
May 13th-14th / 09.30 – 17.00 / Park Inn – Baku, Azerbaijan
Scope: Integrated Purchasing Processes Management, Modern Strategic Purchasing Applications, Negotiation Management, Purchasing 4.0, Supplier Relations Management (SRM), What are the SRM Concept and the Processes Involved?, Supplier Selection and Assessment, Supplier Portfolio Optimization, Supplier Contract Management, Supplier Development Programmes, Supplier Risk Management, Supplier Quality Management, Holistic Approach in Supply Chain, Supply Chain Cost Management, Inbound Logistics and Warehouse Management (WMS), Concepts of Store and Storage, Supply Chain, Logistics and Warehouse Relations, Effective Stock Management, Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI), In-Plant Material Movements
Proactive Customer Relations, Marketing & Sales Management during Off-Peak Periods.
May 13th-14th / 09.30 – 17.00 / Park Inn – Baku, Azerbaijan
Scope: The Importance of Knowledge, Brand, Presentation Skills in Marketing, Marketing Exclusive for Your Company, S.W.O.T Analysis, Product/Service Focus, Significant Points in Marketing Process, Steps of Success, Contribution of Creativity and Technology to Marketing, 4-Dimensional Thinking, Marketing Management, Integrated and Expansionist Marketing, Facts of Sales Profession, Qualifications of a Superb Salesperson and X Factor, Types of Sales, Retail/Wholesale, Directing Sales Skills, Adding Value to Sales, Complex Communication Network that Provides Sales, Mistakes Preventing Sales, Ways of Improving Sales, Creating a Portfolio, False Facts in Marketing and Sales, Sales Team Management, From CRM-Customer Relations Management to e-CRM, Digital Organization, Coaching, Benchmarking, Networking, JIT
“2017-2018-2019” Effective Company Management in Variable – Floating Economies.
May 11th- 12th / 09.30 – 17.00 / Park Inn – Baku, Azerbaijan
Scope: What is there inside company management mix? What are the infrastructure and superstructure necessities for an effective-efficient and sustainable company management? Dynamics of the new business world, Strategies applied in company management, What kind of an opportunity is the new century new business world and chaos- complicatedness?, Company management in uncertainty- weather forecast model, Controlled and uncontrolled parameters in company management, characteristics of 2017-2018-2019 period: economical-political-technological-sociological characteristics, movement route within the market, Azerbaijan and/or markets of Central Asia countries during the period of 2017-2018-2019, Strategies for getting into international markets, critical parameters for an effective-efficient and sustainable company management during the period of 2017-2020: Three strategic priorities – four metrical- four critical success factors, Case studies
Cost Reduction Applications in Logistics and Supply Chain.
May 11th / 09.30 – 17.00 / Park Inn – Baku, Azerbaijan
Scope: Low-cost operations with the design of logistic centres, warehouses, distribution centres with the opportunity of flexible storage, distribution, Logistic costs optimized with logistic network design, Taking customer-based actions with the comparison of customer-based ABC analyses and “cost to serve”, Supplier development models and joint planning, stock management, production & logistic modelling, Developing and improving value added operations according to customer expectations and industrial requirements, Transforming high-risk fixed costs within the system into a variable, Space and volume optimization in logistic centres and warehouses, Fast and low-cost transportation with efficient routes in distribution, Fleet management costs, TMS & WMS structures, Crossdock and milk run applications, More efficient logistic models with fewer employees, Efficiency growth in supply, distribution and storage processes

Application Trends and Practical Solutions in Fleet Management Technologies.
May 12th / 09.30 – 17.00 / Park Inn – Baku, Azerbaijan
Scope: How should the business command to be conveyed to the vehicles be? How should these commands be conveyed and controlled?, Technology-based fleet management, Job description of the vehicle representative and his/her relations with drivers, Maintenance management, What does business management mean for enterprises with fleets?, Fleet and fleet operations management, Operational breakdown of the concepts like travel, disposition in fleet management, What kind of advantages does routing provide in distribution and collection, What is fuel management?, Performance values of the fleet, measurement criteria of the driver and the vehicle representative, Alarms about driving, load, customer, vehicle, maintenance, tachograph, Not vehicle tracking, but efficiency-based fleet/vehicle park management
Digital Transformation of Human Resources Management – Digital HR.
May 13th / 09.30 – 17.00 / Park Inn – Baku, Azerbaijan
Scope: In today’s era of technology, humans’ behavioural evolvement takes place faster than ever. Within this rapid transformation, management of the big data -composed of many topics such as business models, capabilities, organizations, strategies, correct management of capability, performance, efficiency- by HR would be possible by utilizing the technologies in the best way. Thanks to the cost-effective and user-friendly cloud applications within many organizations, IT departments are leaving their role as the only unit where the necessary skills to manage HR systems and apply software changes are gathered and are sharing this role with the HR. Digital transformation has started to remove the strict borders between IT and other business functions. Now, an HR specialist can also be an IT systems specialist.
Senior Executive Assistance and Management Techniques.
May 13th – 14th / 09.30 – 17.00 / Park Inn – Baku, Azerbaijan
Scope: Changing Organizations and the Evolvement of Executive Assistance, Digital Transformation of Organizations, Assistants Managing the Change, Place of the Executive Assistant within the Organization, What is A Team, Leader Executive Assistant, Who is the Inalienable Executive Assistant?, The Relation Between the Executive Assistant and Technology, Vocational Competencies Changing with Technology, Digital Branding, Effective Written Communication for Executive Assistants, Efficient Correspondence Techniques, Tips for Easy Agenda (Calendar) Management, Time-Saving Outlook Tips, Design Your Writing, Managing the Communication During Change, Personal and Social Awareness, Managing Self, Managing Relationships, Network
Effective Digital Marketing Models and E-Commerce Management.
May 13th / 09.30 – 17.00 / Park Inn – Baku, Azerbaijan
Scope: A Gaze into Digital Marketing and E-Commerce, The Situation in the World – Successful Examples, E-Commerce Infrastructure and Software Processes, Payment Infrastructures, You Can’t Win If You Can’t Measure!, Optimization of Transformation, Digital Marketing Channels and Budget Management, Paid – Owned – Earned Media
Search Engines, Content and SEO are the Kings!, Accessing the Customers via Social Media, Mobile exploded!, Affiliate Marketing and Performance, Digital Trends: Retargeting, Native Advertisement, Marketplaces, Is E-mail Marketing still Effective? Safe E-Commerce Models, How Do You Retain Your Customer by Loyalty/CRM Applications?
Analysis of Financial Statements and Balance Sheet Reading Methods
May 13th / 09.30 – 17.00 / Park Inn – Baku, Azerbaijan
Scope: Understanding financial statements which are the outputs of information system and the mirror for the businesses, analysing and interpreting them correctly are among the most critical factors for the sustainable growth of a business. In this training, it is aimed to improve financial statement analysing and decision taking skills of specialists and managers who are responsible from finance, marketing or business development and make the decision on credit using in businesses, conduct negotiations with financial institutions. Topics: The Concept of Financial Analysis, An Overview on Financial Statements, Balance Sheet and Income Statement, Fundamentals of Preparing A Financial Statement, Important Points to Pay Attention Prior to Financial Analysis, Financial Analysis Techniques, Vertical Percentage Analysis, Horizontal Percentage Analysis, Trend Analysis, Ratio Analysis, Model Applications
International Financial Reporting Standards IFRS.
May 14th / 09.30 – 17.00 / Park Inn – Baku, Azerbaijan
Scope: Thousands of companies in the world make their financial reporting according to IFRS and the ratio increases every day. Our training is prepared for professionals who have general information about IFRS or are new to these standards and who use and interpret these tables or make decisions according to them. With this training, it is aimed to overcome the problems regarding its application in your company and to help prepare yourself and your company for the obligations these standards would bring by increasing your proficiency on IFRS. Topics: What is IAS?, What is IFRS?, IFRS Council, IFRS Committee, IAS and IFRS Relationship, IFRS Europe Applications, IFRS Local Applications, Standards in Effect, Conceptual Framework, Model Applications

at Park Inn
1 Azadliq Avenue
Baku, Azerbaijan

Jammu University UG 1st Sem Results 2015 For Various Courses Declared @ www

Jammu University UG 1st Sem Results 2015 For Various Courses Declared @ www
Jammu University UG 1st Sem Results 2015: The Jammu University has declared the results of various undergraduate courses like B.A/B.Sc./B.Sc.H.Sc./B.Com/BBA/BCA/B.A.Eng.(Hons)/B.Com(Hons) on the website. Earlier, the university has successfully …

The Easiest Way to Understand The Difference Between SEO and SEM
You normally just do SEM to fill attendance for the month. Next year, you'll be having the same expo, so you decide to do SEO to gain reputation during the 11 months in-between. This way, all of the following socks expos will grow in attendance due to …
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Clifford masterclass drives 'Sem' to Hogan Cup glory
Brendan's lost their own captain, Dan O'Brien, to a straight red card with five minutes left and while the sides were level at that point, 'The Sem' managed 2-2 in the closing minutes to end a 24-year drought. The famed Killarney nursery had David …
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Dedicated to Kanye – Feat: DJ Semtex at Notting Hill Arts Club

Dedicated to Kanye – Feat: DJ Semtex at Notting Hill Arts Club
Event on 2016-01-25 21:00:00
Line-up /

DJ Semtex
Andy P

Dedicated To Kanye – The Return
Notting Hill Arts Club – Monday 25th Jan 2016
The UK's only all Yeezy Party…
Featuring… DJ SEMTEX!!!

Woahhhhh, if you don't already know this is a party that plays #YeezyAllNight; like Kanye West, All F*cking Night Long.
And Believe Us, I'ts God Damm VIBEZ.

Anyway.. we're back, 2016 with our BIGGEST ONE YET cuz..

"DJ Semtex helped me launch my career," Kanye West In Live Interview At The Brit Awards back in the noughties.
Semtex is without fail the UK's most legendary HipHop DJ, The visionary behind Kanye’s hard-earned props is no stranger to chart-topping acts praising him for catapulting their careers. The UK’s leading hip hop DJ—on-air, online, onstage, and on the scene—Semtex has made it his mission to break artists, records and radio shows. We could go on about how he toured the world with Dizzee Rascal, hosted private parties for Mariah Carey, and interviewed the likes of Jay-Z, Eminem, Stevie Wonder, and Nicki Minaj, Hosts the hottest Radio Show on BBC Radio 1Xtra Semtex stands at the forefront of the streets and the masses.
Semtex not only supported Kanye from Day 1, but he's been there to host every major UK interview.. there's Quotes we use today that came from a Sem x Ye' Interview, Jeeeezus Semtex even toured as Kanye's DJ, He's Ye's UK Confidant, he's the most talented DJ in the world when it comes to the knowledge and appreciation of Yeezy, and hell…



Music Policy = #YeezyAllNight… Yes, we do, you know we do, we play Kanye West all night long. Features, Productions, Singles, Cut's EVERYTHING.
If you don't like Yeezy… just get the hell out…

From Erase ME to All Falls down to Dior Denim Flow to All Of The Lights to Get By to Bound2 to Dream WE GONNA RUN THIS TOWN WITH KANYE! Spun by the man, the myth the legend… DJ SEMTEX, with support from of course bad boy Ye' resident Martin 2 Smoove.


Monday January 25th – 9pm till late
Notting Hill Arts Club,
21 Notting Hill Gate, London W11 3JQ
07590834117 (Contact for info & Booking)
Yes we do take bookings….

at Notting Hill Arts Club
21 Notting Hill Gate
City of London, United Kingdom

How To Ensure Your SEO Recommendations Get Implemented

How To Ensure Your SEO Recommendations Get Implemented
One of the most common problems in the SEO industry is that clients often do not implement their agencies' SEO recommendations — and then they complain when they don't get the results they expect from their SEO campaign (i.e., increases in visibility, …
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New SEO Game: Find The Penguin
It's the Find a Penguin SEO game, the goal is to find the penguin amongst all the Pandas as quickly as possible. It is a basic game but one of those addictive games that will distract SEOs from their main game – gaming (bad choice of word there) the …
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What is a CDN and How Can it Impact SEO?
This is the fifth video in our SEO 202 video series. We show you what a Content Delivery Network (CDN) is, where to host valuable content, and how you can use it to lower page speed time on your site, thereby increasing your visitor conversion rate and …
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Social Media 2.0: Building Your Community

Social Media 2.0: Building Your Community
Event on 2015-11-26 18:00:00
Grow your community into an army Join us on 26 November for a three hour intensive workshop designed to arm you with the skills and techniques to grow your  business's social media following and engagement through content, connections and consistency.  Discover how to: find the right balance between engagement posts and selling your product allocate, spend and measure advertising budget develop content that is engaging, relevant and share-able identify opportunities to jump 'on board' with current trends, and how to find them   Apply the latest trends in influencer marketing   Topics include:  Creating social media goals for your social growth and engagement strategy   Using existing resources and technologies at your fingertips to cost-effectively drive social media engagement Understanding the data behind the success of your social media strategy Tips and tricks on how to create engagement and grow your audience size How to build relationships with bloggers and influencers on social – the right and the wrong way How to put your fans at the centre of your social media strategy How to cross-pollinate your social platforms for maximum growth, presence and efficiency   Deep dive into available social media advertising platforms, and building a strategy for their use to achieve your social media goals.    Ideal for: individuals already operating social media platforms and strategies for their business or organisation Small business owners who have the ball rolling on social, but need a little shove in the right direction for growth.  Information presented will include case studies, current research and practical hands-on tips. Participants will learn from group discussions and individual learning exercises. Participants will receive a comprehensive set of notes and resources for further study and application. Our training courses are limited to 15 per group and sell out fast – so make sure you secure your place at this three hours of social media power.  Your trainers:  Katherine MacPherson – The Hunter Box:  The Hunter Box is a digital marketing agency specializing in working with small to medium businesses in managing their total digital presence. Katherine is passionate about creating lasting impact and working with people who want the same. Katherine specialises in marketing strategy, copywriting, training and mentoring across all things digital marketing, including social media. Amanda Martin – Stylehunter Network:  Amanda is the owner of the Stylehunter Network, an online publishing platform with monthly marketing reach of 175,000 and a social media following of more than 205,000. A bit of a whiz in social media strategy, community building and traffic generation through SEO and Adwords, Amanda has a keen eye for customer conversion through data tracking.

at Stylehunter Network HQ
21 David Street
Richmond, Australia

The Real Brian: Entrepreneur, Podcaster | Interviews with Libsyn, Dave Jackson, Daniel J Lewis, Beats And Eats. Similar to Startup Podcast, Internet Business Mastery, Entrepreneur on Fire, Eventual Millionaire. – Profitcast: Monetize Your Podcast | Grow a Large and Loyal Audience

The Real Brian: Entrepreneur, Podcaster | Interviews with Libsyn, Dave Jackson, Daniel J Lewis, Beats And Eats. Similar to Startup Podcast, Internet Business Mastery, Entrepreneur on Fire, Eventual Millionaire. – Profitcast: Monetize Your Podcast | Grow a Large and Loyal Audience
from Profitcast: Monetize Your Podcast | Grow a Large and Loyal Audience
Price: USD 0
View Details about The Real Brian: Entrepreneur, Podcaster | Interviews with Libsyn, Dave Jackson, Daniel J Lewis, Beats And Eats. Similar to Startup Podcast, Internet Business Mastery, Entrepreneur on Fire, Eventual Millionaire.

US Lead Network Now Offering Pain Management Internet Marketing in Twenty States

Top Pain Management nternet Marketing (877) 791-6466

US Lead Network, the top pain management internet marketing firm nationwide, is now offering web marketing for pain management clinics in twenty states. Campaigns are offered with either a fixed fee or pay-for-performance options, with new locations including Dallas, San Antonio and Fort Lauderdale. For more information and a complimentary thirty minute phone consultation, call (877) 791-6466.

With the growing competition for pain clinics nationwide, and the ever increasing percentage of Americans using the internet to find their providers, it is very cost effective to acquire patients online. For over five years, US Lead Network has been achieving first page search engine rankings for clients.

Said CEO David Greene, MD, MBA, Were very different than other internet marketing firms which are a dime a dozen. Our pay-for-performance programs for pain centers around the country generate qualified prospective patient leads on our own network of websites, and our answering service takes the calls. There are no start-up fees currently or maintenance fees. Thats how much confidence we have in our ability to perform!

The consistent company growth revolves around continuous investment into generating websites that are attractive and have incredibly consumer friendly content.

Dr. Greene continued, No other pain management internet marketing company creates sites with a full online library of content for treatments and conditions, along with 40 dedicated videos for each campaign. If you want your pain center to receive a significant boost of business, our model is the premier one in existence.

As a previous owner of a pain center in Phoenix AZ, Dr. Greenes center obtained 80% of the patients online. He subsequently wrote a book, The Ultimate Guide to Healthcare Internet Marketing.

Practicing doctors simply do not have the time to deploy campaigns like we do which include physician edited content, pay per click handled by certified AdWords personnel, PRWeb press releases, YouTube video channels and high quality back link creation. Our developers, designers, writers, call center and editors take ALL the work off the plate of the practice and deliver first rate campaigns without nickel and diming. Its an unbelievable service, added Greene.

Pay-for-performance campaigns or fixed fee campaigns are available nationwide not only for pain management, but for any medical specialty. The company works with over fifty pain locations nationwide, and also many orthopedic practices, plastic surgeons, fertility clinics, podiatrists and more.

For a complimentary consultation with the top medical internet marketing firm, call US Lead Network at (877) 791-6466.

Chiefs' Alex Smith ranked ahead of Colin Kaepernick, Andy Dalton in QB rankings

Chiefs' Alex Smith ranked ahead of Colin Kaepernick, Andy Dalton in QB rankings
18, which is three spots ahead of the quarterback who replaced him in San Francisco (that would be Colin Kaepernick). He is two spots ahead of Bengals QB Andy Dalton and one spot ahead of Raiders QB Derek Carr, who seems to be ranked very high.
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Manitowoc Downgraded to Strong Sell on Weak Prospects
Going by the Zacks model, companies holding a Zacks Rank #5 have strong chances of performing worse than the broader market. … Manitowoc's long-term debt was $ 1.6 billion while debt-to-capitalization ratio remained high at 69% as of first-quarter end.

Hoosiers rank 8th in country in men's basketball attendance, but NCAA data
Additionally, the NCAA doesn't publicize that attendance went down in regular-season neutral-site games. Despite a record-high number of neutral games during the season, attendance on average went down by almost almost 500 fans for these contests.
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