Melbourne (Mount Martha) – An Introduction to Mindfulness & Meditation 4 Week Course – Starts Thursday, 17 August, 7.00pm Sessions

Melbourne (Mount Martha) – An Introduction to Mindfulness & Meditation 4 Week Course – Starts Thursday, 17 August, 7.00pm Sessions
Event on 2017-08-17 19:00:00
“Neuroscientists have found that meditators shift their brain activity to different areas of the cortex…This mental shift decreases the negative effects of stress, mild depression and anxiety. …The researchers found that the meditators showed a pronounced shift in activity to the left frontal lobe. In other words, they were calmer and happier than before.” – Psychology Today   Benefits of mindfulness & meditation: Reduce stress and anxiety More focus and energy Greater sense of ease and perspective Sleep better Relax more Greater self-awareness and wisdom Deeper levels of self-acceptance Richer and deeper experience of day-to-day life Studies and articles on the benefits of mindfulness meditation   What is mindfulness? Mindfulness means “paying attention in a particular way; On purpose, in the present moment, and non-judgementally.” – Jon Kabat Zinn (Professor of Medicine Emeritus Stress Reduction Clinic and the Centre for Mindfulness in Medicine).   Mindfulness and meditation are both gaining in popularity as more and more people discover how this simple skill can have a profoundly positive impact on your life. Organisations such as Google, Apple, Nike and Yahoo! now run mindfulness programmes and sessions for staff during work hours. Modern research about mindfulness and meditation shows measurable and significant benefits to people including less stress, less anxiety, greater focus, calm and happiness.   This particular course emphasises your own natural wisdom, your own innate OKness, right here and now. The instructions and guidance will be explicitly inviting you to embrace your whole human experience as it happens, moment by moment with a radical acceptance.   "Since doing this course, I have been sleeping much better, I feel much more in control of my emotions, I have enjoyed 'noticing' my own state, but also it has transferred to everything around. This means I am re-enjoying many things that I had been taking for granted." — Sandy Good About The Course: Practical with no dogma or religion Bookings are essential. The last course was fully booked prior to starting Class numbers are restricted to approx 20 people Each class includes instruction, a guided meditation and time for questions/reflections Meditation is in chairs  Four weekly 60-minute classes Receive articles, weekly emails and downloadable guided mindfulness meditations Safe and supportive environment Learn to meditate in a simple, clear, effective and practical way Develop your capacity of self-awareness, self-understanding, compassion and mindfulness Generate greater calm, insight and wisdom Course Contents: Week 1: What is Mindfulness?  What mindfulness is The benefits of mindfulness and meditation How to get the most from the course Guided body scan mindfulness meditation Questions and answers / discussion  Week 2: Working with the Mind  Why thinking can be problematical Practical ways to work with difficult thoughts Self-judgement and how to intervene Guided mindfulness meditation – counting the breath Questions and answers / discussion Week 3: Working with Emotions and Feelings  What are emotions? Learning to feel emotions The RAIN method Non-judgement and acceptance Guided mindfulness meditation on feelings Questions and answers / discussion Week 4: Radical Acceptance  What it means to be present How wanting causes stress Developing wisdom and insight Authentic self-compassion Open awareness guided mindfulness meditation Questions and answers / discussion All Introductory Courses Include: Guided mindfulness meditation audio files Handouts and articles for each class Weekly email instructions and articles Refund policy and money back guarantee Should you attend the entire course and not be satisfied you are entitled to a full 100% refund should you wish. How long is each weekly class and what happens? Each class is one hour long. There will be a guided meditation for a period. This will include meditation instruction. After the meditation and instruction there will be a talk or discussion. This includes a question and answer time. Who is it suitable for? This course is suitable for you if you have never practised mindfulness or meditation or if you have attended introductory mindfulness and meditation courses and want to deepen your practice. Your trainer is Angie Roach Angie has been practising mindfulness and meditation for over 20 years and finds it brings a flow and calm to her life. Living life mindfully brings her clarity, happiness and peace and sharing this knowledge with others has become her life's work. She has studied yoga and many traditions of mindfulness and meditation; her official training coming from the lineage of Venerable Ayya Khema. With a background in horticulture and permaculture, she brings her mindfulness to her work in kitchen gardens, teaching children mindfulness and meditation techniques and helping them to feel a connection with the earth and each other. Angie is the founder of Green Heart which runs workshops in meditation, mindfulness, permaculture and earth connection. Her passion is helping people find peace in the present moment and feeling connected to the earth and each other.   Testimonials the Introductory Course: "The course was very relaxed and friendly, and full of useful practical advice that recognised the limits to time that everyone faces. Also I liked the mix of people attending, with a range of different reasons for being there."— Rosie Cree "Since doing this course, I have been sleeping much better, I feel much more in control of my emotions, I have enjoyed 'noticing' my own state, but also it has transferred to everything around. This means I am re-enjoying many things that I had been taking for granted."— Sandy Good "The course guidebook was a useful guide and very informative. I also enjoyed the formal practice and the way different strategies were explained."— Linda Daniell Questions or More Information: If you have questions or require more information, please Email  Use Website Contact Form: Mindfulness Works website contact form

at Frankston Library
60 Playne Street
Frankston, Australia

Training and Development in the Life Sciences and Regulatory Compliance 2017

Training and Development in the Life Sciences and Regulatory Compliance 2017
Event on 2017-07-27 09:00:00
Course "Developing Technical Training in the Life Sciences" has been pre-approved by RAPS as eligible for up to 12 credits towards a participant's RAC recertification upon full completion.


Developing Technical Training in the Life Sciences is a 2-day seminar that addresses the unique challenges of developing and managing training in Life Sciences companies. The Life Sciences pose unique challenges to training developers.
The first day of this seminar will concentrate on providing foundational knowledge concerning training and development within the Life Sciences. Four 90 minute sessions will be presented on this first day that will guide the participant from a discussion of the role and function of the technical training function to the actual creation of the training organization. Important to this first day, are discussions of performance-based training, the fundamentals of training (jobs, duties, tasks, and steps to include performance objectives) and how human performance and training are inextricably linked. Knowing about human performance and how to apply human performance principles are crucial to designing, developing, and managing an effective technical training function.
Day 2 will continue to build the foundation by first addressing how a documentation and training analysis is conducted to identify gaps that need to be filled and the training curriculum designed. The critical issue of training materials and how Standard Operating Procedures and Work Instructions can partially fill that role is covered in some depth. Subject Matter Experts are crucial to effective training development in any technical training setting. Session three of day two will discuss how to best work with SME's to achieve the best results and also how to select and work with outside consultants if necessary.
The seminar will close with a discussion of three case studies that will showcase and make real the many concepts presented.
Throughout the seminar, activities will be presented that will reinforce all learned concepts. Every opportunity will be provided for a sharing of ideas and a discussion of the concepts presented.
Printed handouts and pamphlets will be provided to document seminar content and to provide participants with take-away material.

Why should you attend:

Training and Development has its own body of knowledge and a wide range of techniques and approaches designed to meet unique and complex training challenges. Not knowing or understanding these approaches or applications of the tenants of the profession will place any individual at a great disadvantage when attempting to solve the sometimes overwhelming problems that must be faced when implementing "world-class" training and meeting the regulatory needs of the organization.
any training managers and training coordinators have secured their management positions because of their expertise and success in fields of study and in aspects of the business other than Training & Development such as science and engineering. Training and Development is a professional field of study as any other. Other training managers may have Training & Development experience but in other aspects of the field and not true technical training. Still others may be technical Training & Development professionals but would benefit from a fresh look at how others are tackling the difficult problems that technical training pose in Life Science applications.
This is precisely why this two-day seminar was created, to "jump start" talented and technically competent training professionals that may need more focused instruction and direction in the area of technical training in the Life Sciences. It was also developed to provide guidance to all training professionals at all skill levels in how to truly build and sustain a training organization in today's difficult corporate environment, and how to effectively identify gaps in workforce training and compliance documentation and build effective and inexpensive training materials with the tools that are readily available.
One of the most important benefits of this seminar is the achievement of an understanding of how Training & Development and compliance can be integrated to leverage the benefits of compliance to improve the performance of the workforce and the overall performance of technical operations.

Who will benefit:

• Directors of Training
• Training Supervisors
• Training Coordinators
• Training Developers
• Instructional Designers
• Instructors


Day 1 Schedule

Lecture 1:
Introduction to Training and Development in the Life Sciences and the Relationship between Training and Regulatory Compliance
• Purpose and function of the Training and Development organization in the Life Sciences.
• What is training's value – is it a cost center or a profit center?
• What is the relationship between Training and Regulatory Compliance and why is it important?
• What would a typical training organization look like?
• Best practices in Training & Development
Lecture 2:
Training and Development Basics
• Training adults, the challenge facing us all
• What is performance-based training – the process explained?
• The building blocks of technical training – Job, Duties, Tasks and Steps
• Learning objectives – what are they and why are they important?
• What is a curriculum and why is it important?
• Selecting tasks for training (What is a task performance and learning analysis?)
• Selecting the appropriate training media and method
Lecture 3:
The Building Blocks of Human Performance
• Why do we behave the way we do?
• The 6-cell performance engineering model
• The difference between behavior and accomplishment
• How does Performance-Based Training impact human behavior?
Lecture 4:
Building a Training and Development Organization – Leverage what you have and Negotiate for What You Don't
• The Training & Development Strategic Plan
• Building your Training & Development organization
• Training infrastructure – what do you need and what is really nice to have?
• Staffing your training organization – training developers, trainers, technical writers, and Subject Matter Experts
Day 2 Schedule

Lecture 1:
Perform a Documentation and Training Analysis – Discover the Gaps
• What is a Documentation and Training Analysis and why is it important?
• What are the steps of the analysis process (Regulatory Analysis, Process Analysis, Job Analysis, and Equipment Analysis)?
• The Analysis Tool – How is it structured and how is it used?
• Making training decisions based upon your findings
Lecture 2:
Training Materials – SOPs and Work Instructions as Training Materials – It's not as easy as you Think! Leverage the Opportunity!
• Basic attributes and uses of compliance documentation.
• The documentation hierarchy and the uses of each type of document.
• How compliance documents aid in job performance and operational effectiveness.
• SOPs and Work Instructions as Job Aids
• SOP and Work Instruction templates why they are important.
• Explain how effective SOPs and Work Instructions are developed.
Lecture 3:
Working with Subject Matter Experts and Outside Consultants
• Working with consultants – your responsibilities – assigning resources
• What is a Subject Matter Expert?
• How do you work with SMEs to achieve your best data gathering results
• The role of photography in data gathering
• When to use outside consulting support.
• Consultants versus temporary employees.
• Selecting the best consulting company.
Lecture 4:
Case Study Review and Discussion – This Approaches Works!
• Case Study #1 – NoKem
• Case Study #2 – Consumer Products – Disposable Diapers
• Case Study #3 – Global Harmonization


Charles H. Paul
President at C. H. Paul Consulting, Inc.

Charles H. Paul is the President of C. H. Paul Consulting, Inc. – a regulatory, manufacturing, training, and technical documentation consulting firm – celebrating its twentieth year in business in 2017. Charles has been a regulatory and management consultant and an Instructional Technologist for 30 years and has published numerous white papers on various regulatory and training subjects. The firm works with both domestic and international clients designing solutions for complex training and documentation issues.
He has held senior positions in consulting and in corporate training development prior to forming C. H. Paul Consulting, Inc.. He also worked for several years in government contracting managing the development of significant Army-wide training development contracts impacting virtually all of the active Army and changing the training paradigm throughout the military.
He has dedicated his entire professional career explaining the benefits of performance-based training

Location: Philadelphia, PA Date: July 27th & 28th, 2017 and Time: 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM

Venue: Hilton Garden Inn Philadelphia Center City
Address: 1100 Arch St, Philadelphia, PA 19107, United States

Register now and save 0. (Early Bird)
Price: ,295.00 (Seminar Fee for One Delegate)
Until June 10, Early Bird Price: ,295.00 From June 11 to July 25, Regular Price: ,495.00
Register for 5 attendees Price: ,885.00 ,475.00 You Save: ,590.00 (40%)*

Sponsorship Program benefits for “Developing Technical Training in the Life Sciences” seminar

At this seminar, world-renowned Life Sciences subject matter experts interact with CXO’s of various designations. Executives who carry vast experience about Life Sciences and Experts get down to discussing industry-related best practices, regulatory updates, changes in technologies, and much more relating to Life Sciences.
As a sponsor of these seminars, you get the opportunity to have your product and company reach out to C-Level executives in Life Sciences -related industries and become known among these elite executives and subject matter experts. Apart from being seen prominently at these globally held seminars, you also get talked about frequently in our correspondences with our experts and these participants.
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at Hilton Garden Inn Philadelphia Center City
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Philadelphia, United States

FREE Internet Marketing Workshop – How to create time & financial freedom

FREE Internet Marketing Workshop – How to create time & financial freedom
Event on 2017-05-24 18:00:00
Select the best time and location, fill out the form and secure your spot now! FREE LIVE EVENT How To Create A Full-Time Income In Your Spare Time Find out how to gain time and financial freedom even if you have NO computer skills and have NEVER made a single sale online before. This is a free live internet marketing workshop designed to show you how to build and grow a sustainable and profitable online business in your spare time. Do I need to register or can I just show up? Please register before you show up. Our events are typically sold out and we need to know ahead of time how many people are showing up to ensure we have enough seating for everyone. It's time to take your financial future into your own hands.

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BSD Bootcamps: Info Session

BSD Bootcamps: Info Session
Event on 2016-08-10 18:30:00
We're hosting a free info session to introduce our new Digital Transformation and Digital Marketing bootcamps. These short 2-week bootcamps will give you the tech essentials you need to bump up your business or boost your career in tech. Join us for casual networking, food, drinks and fun! RSVP for your free ticket and bring yourself (friends welcome too!) and your tech-related questions. Date & Time: Wednesday, 10th August 18:30 to 20:00 Location: 18/F, Fu Fai Commercial Centre, 27 Hillier Street, Sheung Wan Sample curriculum covering what you'll learn in our bootcamps: Digital Marketing Bootcamp: – SEO/SEM – Content Strategy – Report and Analysis Digital Transformation Bootcamp: – User Experience – Website Design – Design Thinking Learn more here:

at BSD Code and Design Academy
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Curso Vivencial de Plantas Medicinais

Curso Vivencial de Plantas Medicinais
Event on 2016-07-19 08:00:00
Vivência com Plantas Medicinais – Grupo Terra Mãe Data: 18 a 23 de julho de 2016 Local: Sede da Associação Funivale / São Gonçalo do Rio das Pedras – MG Região de belezas naturais do Alto Jequitinhonha, próximo a Diamantina e Serro. São 5 dias de contato direto com a natureza e experiência com: – Reconhecimento, Identificação e Coleta de espécies medicinais nativas e exóticas; – Uso das boas práticas de manejo sustentável; – Plantio e preparo de mudas de espécies medicinais; – Indicação de secagem e armazenamento adequado; – Preparo e manipulação de tinturas, gel, pomada, xarope e muito mais… VALOR: R0,00 (+ R,59 taxa do site de venda) Você pode também realizar depósito bancário diretamente pagando o valor sem taxa. Saiba mais aqui: [O valor de inscrição não inclui alimentação e hospedagem – entre em contato para mais informações] A vivência acontece na sede da Associação FUNIVALE. Essa Associação possui uma casa de hóspedes tipo albergue, com quartos coletivos. A diária é R,00, não inclui as refeições. A Casa é toda equipada para que você possa fazer seu próprio alimento. A FUNIVALE também oferece almoço vegetariano no valor de R,00, feito com alimentos da horta orgânica que possui. Caso tenha interesse em almoçar com a gente é só avisar quando chegar. Caso seja sua preferência, indicamos também algumas boas pousadas em São Gonçalo do Rio das Pedras.

Rua Campo das Flores, 96
São Gonçalo do Rio das Pedras, Brazil

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This is a general admission show.

at Emilie K. Asplundh Concert Hall
Phillips Memorial Building West Chester University
West Chester, United States

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