Steel Pulse

Steel Pulse
Event on 2017-09-03 21:00:00
with DJ Aspect
Steel Pulse was formed in 1975 in Birmingham, England, specifically the inner city area of Handsworth. The founding members were schoolmates David Hinds (the primary songwriter as well as the lead singer and guitarist), Basil Gabbidon (guitar), and Ronnie "Stepper" McQueen (bass). All of them came from working class West Indian immigrant families, and none had much musical experience. They took some time to improve their technical proficiency, often on Roots inspired material by the Wailers, Burning Spear and several other prominent Jamaican artists. McQueen suggested the group name, after a racehorse, and they soon fleshed out the lineup with drummer Steve "Grizzly" Nisbett, keyboardist/vocalist Selwyn "Bumbo" Brown, percussionist/vocalist Alphonso "Fonso" Martin, and vocalist Michael Riley.Steel Pulse initially had difficulty finding live gigs, as club owners were reluctant to give them a platform for their "subversive" Rastafarian politics. Luckily, the punk movement was opening up new avenues for music all over Britain, and also finding a spiritual kinship with protest reggae. Thus, the group wound up as an opening act for punk and new wave bands like the Clash, the Stranglers, Generation X, the Police, and XTC, and built a broad-based audience in the process. In keeping with the spirit of the times, Steel Pulse developed a theatrical stage show that leavened their social commentary with satirical humor; many of the members dressed in costumes that mocked traditional British archetypes (Riley was a vicar, McQueen a bowler-wearing aristocrat, Martin a coach footman, etc.). The band issued two singles — "Kibudu, Mansetta and Abuku" and "Nyah Love" — on small independent labels, when they then came to the attention of Island Records after opening for Burning Spear.Steel Pulse's first single for Island was the classic "Ku Klux Klan," which happened to lend itself well to the band's highly visual, costume-heavy concerts. It appeared on their 1978 debut album, Handsworth Revolution, which was soon hailed as a classic of British reggae by many fans and critics, thanks to songs like the title track, "Macka Splaff," "Prodigal Son," and "Soldiers." Riley departed before the follow-up, 1979's Tribute to the Martyrs, which featured other key early singles in "Sound System" and "Babylon Makes the Rules," and solidified the band's reputation for uncompromising political ferocity. That reputation went out the window on 1980's Caught You, a more pop-oriented set devoted to dance tracks and lovers rock. By that point, Steel Pulse was keen on trying to crack the American market, and went on tour over Island's objections. Caught You was issued in the States as Reggae Fever, but failed to break the group, and they soon parted ways with Island.Steel Pulse moved on to Elektra/Asylum, which released an LP version of their headlining set at the 1981 Reggae Sunsplash Festival. Their studio debut was 1982's True Democracy, a generally acclaimed set that balanced bright, accessible production with a return to social consciousness. It became their first charting LP in America, making both the pop and R&B listings. The slicker follow-up, Earth Crisis, was released in 1984 and featured producer Jimmy "Senyah" Haynes subbing on guitar and bass for founding members Gabbidon and McQueen, both of whom left the group by the end of the recording sessions. They were replaced by guitarist Carlton Bryan and bassist Alvin Ewen for 1986's Babylon the Bandit, another Haynes-produced effort that ranked as the group's most polished, synth-centered record to date. It featured the powerful "Not King James Version" and won a Grammy for Best Reggae Album.In 1988, Steel Pulse released State of Emergency, their most explicitly crossover-oriented album yet. They also contributed the track "Can't Stand It" to the soundtrack of Spike Lee's classic Do the Right Thing. In 1991, they released another heavily commercial album, the Grammy-nominated Victims, which featured the single "Taxi Driver." Backing up the song's views, Steel Pulse filed a class-action lawsuit against the New York City Taxi and Limousine Commission, charging that drivers discriminated against blacks and particularly Rastafarians. Founding member Fonso Martin left that year, reducing Steel Pulse to a core trio of Hinds, Nisbett, and Brown. Their backing band still featured Ewen and was elsewhere anchored by guitarist Clifford "Moonie" Pusey, keyboardist Sidney Mills, trumpeter Kevin Batchelor, Saxophonist Jerry Johnson and Trombonist Clark Gayton.The 1992 live album Rastafari Centennial marked the beginning of a return to the group's musical roots, and earned another Grammy nomination. The following year, they performed at Bill Clinton's inaugural celebration, the first reggae band to appear at such an event. 1994's studio album Vex completed Steel Pulse's re-embrace of classic roots reggae, though it also nodded to contemporary dancehall with several guest toasters and a digital-flavored production. 1997's Rage and Fury continued in a similar vein, and was nominated for a Grammy. In 1999, the group released another collection of live performances, Living Legacy.Fast forward a long seven years since their previous album, Rage and Fury, Steel Pulse would return yet again, this time with African Holocaust, and yet again have their ranks dwindled. Core members David Hinds (vocals, rhythm guitar) and Selwyn Brown (keyboards, backing vocals) are the only ones to remain from the band's original line-up, but they more than hold their own and they're joined by a deep roster of supporting musicians, a list too long to list. As always, the music is what's most important, and on that count, this Steel Pulse lineup indeed makes the mark. Granted, it did take them seven years to get the album out, but still it won a Grammy Awards Nomination for Best Reggae Album of the year. There's really not too much else to say about African Holocaust. Longtime fans will know what to expect. Newcomers should know a few things: above all, Steel Pulse are known for performing well-written, Afrocentric songs that are rebellious without being negative or inflammatory, and though the band membership has changed over the years, the type of songs hasn't, nor has the steady move away from dancehall that was apparent on the band's previous album. the message and music remain true to the band's principles and vision.Steel Pulse is one of Britain's greatest reggae bands, in terms of creative and commercial success. Steel Pulse started out playing authentic roots reggae with touches of jazz and Latin music, and earned a substantial audience worldwide. Their 1978 debut, Handsworth Revolution, is still regarded by many critics as a landmark and a high point of British reggae. By the late '80s, Steel Pulse had won a Grammy and were working full-fledged crossover territory. They subsequently returned to a tough-minded, rootsy sound and have added touches of dancehall and hip-hop along the way.

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Curso Preparatorio para la Certificación Profesional de Google Adwords

Curso Preparatorio para la Certificación Profesional de Google Adwords
Event on 2017-06-23 08:00:00
Curso Preparatorio para la Certificación Profesional Google Adwords Search / Display / YouTube ● Curso Profesional de (3) días, un total de (15) horas contacto. Viernes, 23 y 30 de Junio y 7 de Julio de 2017 de 8:00 AM – 1:00 PM ● Manual Electrónico del Curso ● Certificado de Participación ● Amplia Pantalla de Proyección ● Acceso a Internet WiFi   El ecosistema digital ha generado una nueva oportunidad de llegar a los consumidores sin importar el tamaño de tu empresa.   Cada vez más los medios tradicionales pierden efectividad frente a la publicidad online y sobretodo en el entorno móvil. Con una metodología basada en el aprendizaje práctico y la aplicabilidad real, el curso Curso de preparación para la Certificación AdWords está enfocado en introducir y preparar al participante en la plataforma de publicidad digital Google Adwords. Anexo Interactive:Plaza Cupey GardensOffice Center Building, Second FloorSan Juan, PR 00926Teléfono: 787.760.9191   ¿A quién va dirigido el Curso? El curso está dirigido a gerentes y directores de mercadeo (Chief Marketing Officers, CMO), publicistas (Digital Media Planners / Buyers), dueños de empresas (CEO) y profesionales interesados en utilizar la herramienta de Google Adwords de manera efectiva para fortalecer la marca de su empresa u organización, asi como ofrecer el servicio de Google Adwords a Clientes.   Objetivos del Curso ● Que usted obtenga el conocimiento práctico para planificar e implementar campañas estratégicas de publicidad digital en su profesión o negocio. ● Que usted conozca las ventajas de la publicidad online y de AdWords, y las prácticas recomendadas para administrar y optimizar las campañas de AdWords. ● Que usted conozca las prácticas recomendadas para crear, administrar, medir y optimizar campañas en la red de bñsqueda, red de display y YouTube. ● Que usted obtenga el conocimiento práctico para tomar y aprobar el exámen de evaluación para la Certificación de Conceptos Básicos de Google Adwords, Publicidad en Búsquedas, Publicidad de display y Publicidad en vídeo.   Un Curso Totalmente Práctico e Interactivo Nuestro curso es uno práctico y cubre todos los aspectos desde lo más básico hasta los componentes más avanzados del sistema de publicidad Google AdWords. ¿Quieres Certificarte y convertirte en un Especialista de Google Adwords?   En Anexo te ayudaremos a que puedas obtener todas las herramientas necesarias para especializarte en el mundo de la publicidad digital desarrollar campañas eficientes. Desde la creación de su primera campaña hasta la comprensión de la subasta y la optimización de conversiones. También te prepararemos para que puedas pasar los exámenes con nuestro Curso y Certificación Google AdWords para la Certificación ¿Por qué estudiar en Anexo? Anexo ha entrenado a más de 2,000 profesionales en Puerto Rico en temas de Mercadeo Interactivo, Publicidad Digital y Redes Sociales desde el 2010. Además ofrece Certificaciones profesionales como la Social Media Manager, Digital Media Specialist y Social Media Coach. Utilizaremos una combinación de entusiasmo, casos e historias de éxito sumados a todo nuestro conocimiento para compartir nuestra experiencia y poder ayudarte a convertirte en experto. Aunque estés comenzando o ya seas un experto, obtendrás el mejor aprendizaje práctico. Curso Preparatorio para la Certificación Profesional Google AdWords ● Introducción a la Publicidad Digital y la compra de espacios en Medios Digitales ● Creación de cuenta Google AdWords ● Utilización de Google Trends Introducción al Search Network ● Investigación de palabras clave para publicidad en las Bñsquedas de Google ● Utilización del Keyword Planner para estimación de tráfico ● Selección de concordancia de las Palabras Clave ( Broad, Phrase, Exact) ● Utilización de Palabras Clave negativas ● Creación de anuncios de texto para Display o Móvil ● Utilización de extensiones para anuncios de texto ● Creación de campaña de anuncios para llamadas ● Política de Landing Page para anuncios ● Optimización de campaña de anuncios de texto Introducción al Display Network ● Política de anuncios gráficos para Display ● Costo por Click vs Costo por Miles de Impresiones ● Targeting para Display (Topic, Remarketing, In-Market, Placement, Audiencia) ● Manejo de Presupuesto y presupuesto compartido ● Configuración de audiencia geográfica ● Exclusión de sitios web por contenido para la Red de Display ● Optimización de campaña de anuncios para la Red de Display Introducción a YouTube ● Introducción a los anuncios de You Tube ● Política de Anuncios en Youtube y requisitos técnicos para videos ● Creación de campaña de video TrueView Display ● Creación de campaña de video TrueView In-Stream ● Costo por view ● Creación de Reportes Exámen de Prueba Instructor Luis Rivera Colón Profesional del mercadeo digital con mas de 10 años de experiencia en productos de Google , Plataforma de Publicidad de Google, Analitycs, SEO, SEM y actividades de publicidad. Certificado por Google en: Google Analytics Individual Qualification Adwords Advertising Fundamentals Adwords Advanced Search Advanced Display Network Advertising Advanced Video Advertising Mobile Advertising Certification Shopping Advertising Google Tag Manager CORPORATE CHECKS / PURCHASE ORDERS TERMS: Call us at (787) 760-9191 to begin your Registration process. We need a Purchase Order Number (PO) or a signed Payment Commitment Letter and we will send you an Invoice. PO Terms are subject to prior approval and payments must be received in the same day of the Seminar. CANCELLATIONS AND TRANSFERS: Cancellations are accepted with 0.00 Service Charge Fee, if and only when, a written notification is received and confirmed (10) business days prior to the programs starting date. Cancellation requests received after the (10) business days will not be accepted. No show is liable for full payment. Transfers will have a period of one-year from the date of the Transfer request. Transfers will be charged .00 for subsequent registration, plus any fee increases for the difference of the program event. Transfers will be allowed only up to one-year, after such date the full payment will be forfeited.

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Business coach and speaker Jeffrey Shaw interviews well known authors, leading entrepreneurs, creative makers and innovative thinkers in a content rich style. Thought provoking, informative and inspirational. – Creative Warriors

Business coach and speaker Jeffrey Shaw interviews well known authors, leading entrepreneurs, creative makers and innovative thinkers in a content rich style. Thought provoking, informative and inspirational. – Creative Warriors
from Creative Warriors
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View Details about Business coach and speaker Jeffrey Shaw interviews well known authors, leading entrepreneurs, creative makers and innovative thinkers in a content rich style. Thought provoking, informative and inspirational.

Performance Slots/Vending/Sponsorship – Industry Spotlight Live Showcase (Vegas Edition)

Performance Slots/Vending/Sponsorship – Industry Spotlight Live Showcase (Vegas Edition)
Event on 2016-07-03 18:00:00
INDUSTRY SPOTLIGHT LIVE SHOWCASE Vegas EDITION   "Industry Spotlight Live" (Vegas Edition) Red Carpet Music Industry Showcase Competition, Rap Battle, Music Seminar, & Networking Event Tickets are now on sale and available to this event and performance slots are available. Get yours today and we see you at "Industry Spotlight Live" (Vegas Edition)!   Advance General Admission Ticket:   Door Admission Cost: Registered artists get to perform for celebrity judges, producers, A&Rs, and DJs to compete for a chance to win a deal with record label including world-wide distribution, an international publishing deal, booking agency representation contract, filmed interview for TV network, performance filmed and posted online, magazine & blog writeup/interview, marketing, promotions, public relations, independent radio interview, radio airplay, sponsor clothing, merchandise, gift bag, artist development, consulting, and more. *PHOTOGRAPHERS & MEDIA REGISTER TODAY TO COVER THE EVENT! TO SUBMIT A MEDIA REQUEST PLEASE USE THE "CONTACT THE ORGANIZER" BUTTON LOCATED ON THE RIGHT SIDE OF THIS PAGE* **SPONSORSHIPS & VENDOR OPPORTUNITIES AVAILABLE**   SCHEDULE OF EVENT: 6:00PM – DOORS OPEN / RED CARPET / NETWORKING 6:30PM – HOST INTRODUCTIONS / EVENT PRODUCER WELCOME 7:00PM – INTRO OF PANEL & MUSIC SEMINAR 7:30PM – QUESTION / ANSWER SESSION WITH INDUSTRY REPS 8:00PM – SPECIAL GUEST PERFORMANCES 8:30PM – FREESTYLE RAP BATTLE & JUDGING 9:00PM – REGISTERED ARTISTS PERFORMANCES & FEEDBACK FROM JUDGES 11:00PM – PARTY / DJ / NETWORKING 11:30AM – ANNOUNCEMENT OF WINNER, PRIZE PRESENTATION, & WORDS FROM SPONSORS 11:45AM – THANKS & CLOSING REMARKS FROM EVENT PRODUCER 12:00AM – AFTERPARTY   PANEL / JUDGES (including but not limited to): *A&R – Indie-Major Record Label / Celebrity Booking Agent / Talent Agent *A&R – Major Label Digital Distribution *Songwriter – Major Label *Celebrity Music Producer *Talent Manager & Concert Producer/Promoter *Radio DJ *Radio Personality *Magazine Editor

at Las vegas
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King and Queen of Hearts US Tour Featuring Eric Santos & Angeline Quinto

King and Queen of Hearts US Tour Featuring Eric Santos & Angeline Quinto
Event on 2016-09-25 18:00:00
Entablado production USA presents this years hottest concert to hit the Bay Area.

Today Most talented and promising artist will be together in one show in one stage to truly give us a spectacular show. The King and Queen of hearts Eric Santos and Angeline Quinto along with their special guest will be in San Jose Bay Area. Get Ready for an unforgettable night to remember! Get your tickets now. You don't want to miss this!

For ticket sales and general Inquiries PM us and please visit our website at:
Tickets available online.

For ticket sales, Inquiries and Sponsorship.

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Frukostseminarium: Content marketing för e-handel – fördjupning

Frukostseminarium: Content marketing för e-handel – fördjupning
Event on 2016-05-31 08:30:00
Öka din försäljning och din trafik genom att satsa på bra innehåll i din e-handel! Nu gör vi en uppföljning på det populära seminariumet om content marketing. Denna gång går vi djupare in i ämnet och bjuder på massor med exempel på lyckad content marketing. Kan bra innehåll verkligen lyfta en e-handel och driva ny trafik och nya affärer? Ja, det kan till och med vara så att bra och relevant innehåll kan lyfta hela din butik, och din butiks auktoritet, i såväl dina besökares som i Googles ögon menar Christer Pettersson från arvato. Föredraget riktar sig till dig som kan en del om content marketing, men som vill lära dig mer och framför allt ta del av konkreta exempel kring vad andra e-handlare gjort – så det blir fullt med case och exempel från duktiga svenska e-handlare. Christer kommer även diskutera content marketing som en viktig del i den en satsning på Inbound Markering, d v s ett extra fokus på egna kanaler där relevant innehåll är en grundsten. Är content marketing nytt för dig? Titta på den inspelade versionen av del 1 som ger dig förkunskaperna du behöver. Patrik Müller från DIBS presenterar del två av sin trendspaning kring e-handel och betalningar på nätet, som ger dig en föraning om hur framtidens e-handel kommer se ut. Vi bjuder på kaffe och frukost – varmt välkommen! Agenda 08:30 – 08:50 Välkommen och frukost 08:50 – 09:10 Trendspaning och en blick in i framtiden (del 2) – Patrik Müller, DIBS 09:19 – 09:45 Content marketing för e-handlare (del 2), Christer Pettersson, arvato Financial Solutions 09:45 – 10:00 Tid för frågor Christer Pettersson har jobbat med sökmarknadsföring, e-handel, webb- och mobilutveckling i drygt 15 år, på Eniro, IDG och hos researrangören Apollo. Nu är Christer Head of E-Commerce på Arvato Financial Solutions. Patrik Müller är e-handelsexpert på DIBS med mer än 15 års erfarenhet av att hjälpa e-handlare med effektiva betalningslösningar på den nordiska och europeiska marknaden. Patrik är en flitig kunskapsdelare och anlitad talare inom e-handel.

32 Kungsgatan
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Florida's 40 Safest Cities For Driving Ranked

Florida's 40 Safest Cities For Driving Ranked
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The Premier Candidate Program–Cincinnati, Beginning 8/28/15

The Premier Candidate Program–Cincinnati, Beginning 8/28/15
Event on 2016-01-14 08:00:00
Kicking off the weekend of August 28th, 2015, The Premier Candidate Program is a 6 month comprehensive boot camp, created to groom and mentor every aspect of candidate development.  In addition to providing industry specific training, the program offers additional valuable skills, and mentorship coaching to guide all candidates in their life's journey. This event registration is for The Premier Candidate Program held in Cincinnati, OH. The boot camp will cover the following topics and much, much more! Performance Readiness Technique & various dance styles Choreography: sideline & freestyle Audition preparation: wardrobe, etiquette, showmanship Expert feedback Personal Wellness Training Fitness & Conditioning programs with our partnering fitness centers Nutrition seminars Professional hair & makeup consultations/training/makeovers Wardrobe recommendations Business Training Resume building/application tips Interview coaching Strategic public relations & media appearance coaching Social media do's & don'ts Industry Training Seminars with keynote speakers, professionals and esteemed talent within the industry Face time with industry choreographers and talent agents League expectations: rehearsals, game day, appearances Professional head & body portfolio pictures Upon your completion, The Premier Candidate Program will offer 3 levels of certification: Participant Candidate Certified Candidate Endorsed Candidate Every Certified Candidate will be invited to perform in our league-wide showcases in March 2016 (NFL) and May 2016 (NBA/NHL); and every Endorsed Candidate will be sponsored to perform and given privilege to team exporure opportunities and specialized upfront breakout sessions with participating Directors, Coaches and Choreographers. All in an effort to "make the cut!"          

at By July 15th, all program details, including location specifics, your alumni Leader and next steps will be sent via email.

Cincinnati, United States

Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing: January Part-Time Course

Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing: January Part-Time Course
Event on 2016-01-05 19:00:00
All innovation in marketing is through digital channels nowadays. Kickstart an exciting, dynamic career with our Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing. Whether you are a business owner who wants to improve your online engagement or a complete beginner, this diploma is perfect for you. The course is exclusively designed by digital marketing professionals and approved by the Digital Marketing Institute’s Syllabus Advisory Council. This ensures you are receiving the most up-to-date information available during the course of your studies. We endeavour to make sure we are delivering the best possible certification for would-be digital marketers. The diploma is the most widely taught, industry-accredited available in digital marketing. Our Diploma is a global-standard certification that you can take with you no matter where your exciting career takes you. The programme is available to study in three different formats; full-time, part-time or online, so there is an option for everyone. – Module 1: Introduction to Digital Marketing Module 2: Search Engine Marketing (SEO) Module 3: Search Engine Marketing (PPC) Module 4: Email Marketing Module 5: Digital Display Advertising Module 6: Social Media Marketing (Part 1) Module 7: Social Media Marketing (Part 2) Module 8: Mobile Marketing Module 9: Analytics Module 10: Strategy & Planning – Format: Part Time (6 hours per week over 5 weeks – 30 hours total) Dates: Every Tuesday and Thursday on 2016 January 5, 7, 12, 14, 19, 21, 26, 28, February 2, 4 Time: 7:00pm to 10:00pm Price: HK,950 Language: All courses delivered in English and supplemented with Cantonese Exam: The cost for the final exam (approximately HK0) is not included in the course price and is administered by Pearson VUE. Exact cost will vary based on exchange rates. Please go to Pearson VUE for further details. Payment Terms & Method: 10% non-refundable deposit (HK,495) upon enrolment confirmation with the remaining 90% to be paid prior to the course start date.   By clicking check-out you agree to the Terms & Conditions and adhere to this policy. For more details, please visit our website:

at The Good Lab
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A Mind Craft: Creating a Vision Board

A Mind Craft: Creating a Vision Board
Event on 2015-12-17 17:00:00
A Mind Craft: Creating a Vision Board

Art – Class/Workshop

Thursday, December 17, 2015
5:00 PM-6:00 PM

Central Library
Teen Center
1 Margaret Mitchell Square
Atlanta, GA 30303
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Tap into your inner creative and dream the world you wish to build by making a visual representation of your dreams and goals for the upcoming year! Registration required.

Suggested Audiences:College, High School, Middle School
Phone: 404-730-1796

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at 1 Margaret Mitchell Square
1 Margaret Mitchell Square
Atlanta, United States