Event on 2016-08-24 14:00:00
Hot secrets to be revealed (The seminar will be conducted in Cantonese):
– 4 methods of earning USD60,000/Month online
– 2016 O2O strategies to stay alive and surpass your competitors
– How to sell to 900 Million China customers using Wechat
– How to expand and grow your business globally to 1.6 Billion Facebook users
Discover the tips on how to really grow an online business (No MLM), from Malaysia's longest running internet marketing brand since 1999.
Date: 24 Aug 2016 (Wed) 2-4pm
Venue: 1-4, 10th Floor, The Broadway, 54-62 Lockhart Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong
Fee: HK0
Online Payment: HK (First 10)
Online Payment Link:
For enquiries
“I attended the program in 2003 and has been using the techniques to make money online selling B2B, and after retiring, I am now selling services online. The course saved me lots of time & I am getting at least 3 new sales daily. coaching really works and I’ve just reattended the program in 2010 to learn more new social media marketing strategies to make money online!”
TY Tan, online fengshui consultant

at 1-4, 10th Floor, The Broadway, 54-62 Lockhart Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong

, Hong Kong


Event on 2016-07-22 09:00:00
PROGRAMMA COS’E’ DAVVERO FACEBOOK Come creare relazioni di valore su Facebook. Quali sono gli strumenti per promuovere la mia attività.Come cambia il modo in cui persone ed aziende si connettono. Com’è strutturato il mercato e quali sono i dati di utilizzo del social network. GLI ELEMENTI PRINCIPALI DI FACEBOOK Quando usare un profilo personale Cos’è una Fan Page Facebook e come si costruisce Che differenza c’è tra Pagina e Profilo Cos’è un gruppo e quante tipologie ne esistono Come creare e gestire gruppi Facebook Come utilizzare i gruppi Facebook per finalità di comunicazione e marketing LE BEST PRATICES PER CREARE UNA PAGINA FACEBOOK Come definire gli obiettivi per una Fanpage aziendale. Come analizzare e studiare i competitor. Come definire una strategia editoriale vincente. Come gestire i processi di un piano editoriale. Cosa pubblicare e quando. Come usare gli strumenti di pubblicazione. Come monitorare e analizzare i risultati dell’attività in Facebook. Quali parametri e Key Performance Indicators considerare per valutare i risultati. Perché rielaborare periodicamente il piano editoriale. COME FUNZIONA L’ALGORITMO DI FACEBOOK Secondo quali criteri Facebook concede visibilità ai contenuti. Perché Facebook offre maggior valore ai contenuti che ottengono più like e ricondivisioni. COME STRUTTURARE I POST FACEBOOK Quanto funzionano immagini e video rispetto al solo testo.Qual è la lunghezza ideale di un post. Come stimolare la discussione su Facebook. Come comprendere i bisogni e gusti del mio pubblico. LE 5 COSE DA FARE SU FACEBOOK Content marketing su Facebook: come realizzare contenuti ricchi ed interessanti; Corporate storytelling su Facebook: Raccontare e rendere riconoscibili i tuoi prodotti Concorsi e premi : come premiare e ingaggiare i Fan La discussione: come Stimolarla- LE 5 COSE DA NON FARE SU FACEBOOK  FACEBOOK ADVERTISING  I VANTAGGI E BENEFICI GENERABILI DAL FACEBOOK ADVERTISING. Facebook ed il mondo delle promozioni. Facebook ed il mondo degli eventi. Facebook ed il pubblico di Fan dell’azienda. LE OPZIONI DI TARGETING IN FACEBOOK Che informazioni ( dati socio demografici ) sono disponibili. Come utilizzarle per ottimizzare i propri investimenti. Facebook ed integrazione automatica con altri social media. Case historyFacebook. Docente: VALERIA CENTORAME Alta competenza in Social Media Marketing, gestione social media, marketing aziendale e brand reputation nel privato e nel pubblico maturata nel corso del tempo, grazie a formazione specifica e missioni sul campo. Progettazione, realizzazione e rendicontazione bandi europei diretti ed indiretti, con una percentuale di riuscita ad oggi molto elevata. Ha progettato oltre che per importanti aziende anche per enti ed istituti pubblici.Elevate capacità di insegnamento in ambito informatico e di gestione di impresa, nuove metodologie per sviluppo sistemi diversificati di prodotto, processo e servizio, con esperienza maturata grazie a formazione specifica e lavoro svolto sia come docente che come esaminatore Aica abilitato.Lean, Business Model, Lateral Thinking, Facebook social, Creazione di impresa.

at Roland DG Milano
4 Via Achille Grandi
Peschiera, Italy

User Experience Workshop

User Experience Workshop
Event on 2016-04-06 10:00:00
Als "UX Design" steht es heute als Gewerk in einer Reihe mit SEO, SEM, Interaction Design und allen möglichen anderen Buzzwords, die Unternehmen auf ihren Checklisten stehen haben. Und wie so oft werden diese Gewerke auf dem Weg zum MVP gerne "erstmal weg gelassen" um möglichst lean auf den Markt zu kommen. Doch auch jedes noch so minimale Produkt hat bereits eine User Experience. Man kann also, nur versehentlich oder bewusst, nicht nicht die UX designen. Zielgruppe Entrepreneure Produkt-, Business Development- und Innovation Manager Entwickler Designer Warum sollte ich teilnehmen? In diesem Workshop lernst Du, UX richtig zu begreifen und mithilfe dieser Perspektive bessere Produkte zu entwickeln. Bitte bring Stift, Papier und Intuition mit! Die Schwerpunkte des Workshops User Experience Produktdesign Psychologie Empathie

Im Mediapark 5
Köln, Germany

Site Redesign & Migration Tips To Avoid SEO & UX Disasters

Site Redesign & Migration Tips To Avoid SEO & UX Disasters
It is also worth pointing out that the objectives should ideally take into account both SEO targets, such as retaining organic traffic levels or improving key rankings and user engagement targets, reducing bounce rate or increasing conversions. Why …
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SEO for Your Online Business
SEO is an effective way to improve site rankings on a variety of major search engines. A higher ranking is critical for increasing the amount of traffic your site gets. Your online business needs to be both visible and profitable. In order for you to …
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Belgard and Nebo Agency win top SEO prize
ATLANTA, Ga. – Belgard has announced that its digital campaign created in collaboration with Atlanta-based Nebo Agency was awarded Best Overall Search Marketing Initiative (SEO and SEM) at the Landy Awards. The inaugural awards ceremony took …
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How to Grow Your Business From A Seed

How to Grow Your Business From A Seed
Event on 2015-10-28 18:00:00
Rescheduled from September 16 How to Grow Your Business From a Seed Using the Natural Business Cycle to Offer Your Gifts to the World For New and Experienced Service-based, Mission-Driven Entrepreneurs   Confused or overwhelmed about what to do next in your business? Feeling like this sped-up, digitized world is going just a little bit too fast? This is an interactive class designed specifically for consultants, coaches, teachers, holistic practitioners and other mission-driven business owners who provide professional services and who have powerful gifts to give, but need some help on the business side!   Come learn how to start or grow your small business organically and efficiently, using the cycles of nature as your guide.   You’ll learn: An elegant, grounded and inspiring system for understanding how to start or grow your mission-driven business step-by-step, alleviating a lot of the stress and unknowns involved with growing and running a business, Why you must start with deep clarity around your life vision, purpose and unique gifts and how to get that clarity, The fundamental business concepts you need to clarify in order to effectively design a business that is aligned with your vision, What questions you need to be able to answer before you create a website and start marketing your services, How marketing and sales are really just like a bee attracted to its favorite flower, and Why rest is the most important part of your business plan.   Plus, you’ll walk away knowing which stages you need to focus on most in your own business.   More about the Natural Business Cycle The Natural Business Cycle demonstrates how a business or organization organically grows and evolves following fundamental natural growth cycles. It meshes essential business development processes with the life cycle of a tree. It’s an iterative process that can decrease overwhelm as you relax into a structure with a logical order of operations and systems that work. The Natural Business Cycle shows you the specific steps you must take to create a business that is aligned with your deepest vision, purpose and gifts – a business that allows you to offer your gifts to the world while earning the kind of income you desire, and without being stressed out all the time!      About Julie Wolk Julie Wolk helps mission-driven entrepreneurs (teachers, consultants, coaches, healers, and other service professionals) who are excellent at their craft, really rock the business side, so they can thrive. She developed the Natural Business Cycle, a unique and overwhelm-reducing business development model based on the natural world. She co-founded and for many years co-directed a thriving nonprofit organization (Wilderness Torah) and worked for 10 years prior to that in environmental advocacy and public relations. Julie is a certified professional coach and spends a lot of time wandering in the East Bay hills. Learn more at:     About Impact Hub Impact Hub San Francisco is a coworking & events space for a membership community of entrepreneurs, activists, creatives, and professionals taking action to drive positive social and environmental change.   Refund Policy:  If you cannot attend, please email us least 1 day before the scheduled class. No refunds will be given if we have less than 24 hour notice.

at The Hub, San Francisco
located in The S.F. Chronicle Building
San Francisco, United States

Free Seminar In Singapore : How to Start a Business Online | FREE Workshop | Exclusive Online Business Partnership Opportunity.

Free Seminar In Singapore : How to Start a Business Online | FREE Workshop | Exclusive Online Business Partnership Opportunity.
Event on 2015-10-21 19:30:00
Free Seminar In Singapore : How to Start a Business Online | FREE Workshop | Exclusive Online Business Partnership Opportunity. Get Free Tickets To Our Seminar And Learn This, ‘Proven & Done-For-You’ System. You Will Get To Find Out How Average People Are Using The Internet To Create A Full Time Income Online.   We Will Show You A Method To Advance Your Financial Goals With The Greatest Wealth Creation Tool There Is. Please Register For Your Free Tickets, As Attendance To Our Seminar Is Always Full. We Welcome Friends From Overseas too. If you have questions, please email :   To Register, Do Click On The Link Provided.   ———————————————————- Everyday millions of people use internet to search for online income opportunity or something that they can make money from. There will be thousands of people who are searching for online income opportunity from the last 1-2 years or even 5+ years and there are hundred of people who has just started searching for some online jobs.   Have they found online income opportunity? I am a full time internet marketer and making online income from the last couple of years. I have come across thousands of people who were searching for some income opportunity on internet but majority of them are still struggling to find some types on online jobs. The biggest problem it comes when you start searching for some online income opportunity is, you will find many fake internet gurus. But Thousands of People are Making  Big Money on Internet. HOW?   Yes, thousands of people are making big money. Even myself making good money on internet. But they know if there is any secret of online income than its only hard work & patience. They know they have to work hard, learn many things before they can actually start earning. Can you imagine someone will give you a job if you have not spent at least 15 years of your life in education. So how can internet give you opportunity when you are not ready to learn something which you need, to earn from this. How You Will Learn…?  Learn from – Imran MD Ali     Come learn how to add streams of income, purely online, LIVE this coming session at Holiday Inn Orchard hotel  If you’re a willing student, I’m happy to be an eager teacher. Why? Because I am a believer of the “walk-before-you-run” principles in life.   The biggest problem people face when trying to make money online as an extra stream of income, is to learn how to “walk”.   Most people don’t even know how to do this simple act – Therefore, when the foundation is weak, everything else comes down crumbling.   What you really need, is a map for success – A system that you can use time and time again, to generate income online. Don’t be surprised, if you begin to make an income online that surpasses your salary! After all, the internet is a still a frontier that holds an abundance of wealth…. An abundance that you need to learn how to tap at will, and on demand..   Here’s what I’ll share with you during this LIVE event     Discover how you can literally "piggy-back" my success online, by COPYING what I do, step by step ( I'll only reveal this during the event this coming session)   How to quickly and easily create "hot" digital products that can generate amazing profits for you, almost on autopilot (And why this business model is perfect for you, even if you're a busy person)   How you can add another stream of income, WITHOUT having to quit your job if you choose not to, while taking only 30 minutes per day to follow this system   How to start out as a beginner… Making just to 0 per day in the beginning (this might not sound like much- But wouldn't that pay off most of your bills?)   Learn how you can partner up with me in my latest business to achieve income breakthroughs   Discover the jealously-guarded secrets that most internet marketers don’t want you to know (And why I would want to share this with you – Hint: It results in a win-win situation) About the speaker:    Imran is the owner of 6 businesses, dealing with arts, sports coaching, education consulting, men's tailoring, book publishing, and seminar events.   He has been featured in various media including 93.8 FM, Straits Times, Today newspaper, Berita Harian and New Paper.    He is also an author of the following book: The 10 Step Marketing Formula which is available on Amazon.     He also travels frequently regionally to deliver speeches and seminars alongside notable names such as Adam Khoo and Fredrik Haren.    Imran has also been invited to the United Nations Headquarters in New York to speak on the role of internet marketing in bridging the income gap between the poor and the rich in developing countries.   An avid marketer, he has also spoken on Mindvalley's stage, the world's largest publisher of info-products online and has co-authored books with legends such as Brian Tracy and Dan Kennedy. You are welcome to come and meet Imran 'live' in person where he will share his methods with you.   “Only 12 more people will get to join me and my team as we reveal to you, step-by-step how we got started making a “dream income” online. I’ve already given out nearly all the tickets, so to be among this 12, you need to act fast.” Date: 21st October 2015 (Wednesday) Time: 7.30 pm to 9.30 pm FREE Workshop Venue: Holiday Inn Orchard City Centre   Get in right away by booking your FREE tickets above – P.S: Only 12 tickets left – Get your free training workshop access by snapping up your spot above, before they are taken up!

at Holiday Inn Singapore Orchard City Centre
11 Cavenagh Road
, Singapore

Sports inequality at high school level

Sports inequality at high school level
EACH YEAR, the Massachusetts Interscholastic Athletic Association compiles athletic participation data from public, charter, and parochial high schools across the state. In nine out of the past 10 years, the publicized narrative about the data has been …
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Nanos tracking: Liberals hit election high
The latest nightly tracking conducted by Nanos Research for CTV News and The Globe and Mail shows the Liberals have hit an election-high level of support among voters, largely at the expense of the NDP. The nightly tracking is based on a rolling …
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Ranking every available college football head coaching job. Who's next after USC?
UNT offers great facilities relative to its Conference USA rivals because it's in Texas, where you're building not just to lure recruits, but to stay a step ahead of the high schools they're coming from. Dan McCarney was the fourth-highest paid HC in …
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Popcorn Time Blocked: Downloaded Movie Software Still Works, But Italian Users

Popcorn Time Blocked: Downloaded Movie Software Still Works, But Italian Users
An Italian criminal court has ordered internet service providers to block access to three of the most popular Popcorn Time websites where users download the free movie streaming software., and will …
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Google's ad penalties are more significant than Apple's ad blocker
But Google's recent decision to start penalizing websites featuring app install ads –intrusive ad units that slow page load times and engulf the entire screen — might be a more significant way to improve the browsing experience. Now, there are some …
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Medium's Evan Williams To Publishers: Your Website Is Toast
More than that, Williams thinks the key will be providing social context for content. Perhaps outside of huge traffic drivers such as Buzzfeed, he contends, most publishers can't make much money from running their own websites, especially with current …
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Southeast Michigan Website Design Company Releases e-Book on Website Development

Southeast Michigan Website Design Company Releases e-Book on Website Development
Sterling Heights, MI, July 18, 2015 –(– Danny Ajini, owner of Climb New Heights LLC., a website development firm located in Sterling Heights, Michigan recently wrote his very first e-book entitled "Introduction To HTML & CSS: Learn To Code …
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IT News Online > PR Newswire – GoPro Announces Second Quarter 2015 Results
SAN MATEO, Calif., July 21, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — GoPro, Inc. (NASDAQ: GPRO), maker of the world's most versatile camera and enabler of some of today's most immersive and engaging content, today announced financial results for its second quarter …
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IT News Online > PR Newswire – MTS Announces Declaration of Quarterly Cash
EDEN PRAIRIE, MN, July 21, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — MTS Systems Corporation (Nasdaq: MTSC), a leading global supplier of high performance test systems and position sensors, today announced that its Board of Directors has declared a quarterly dividend of …
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Nailson sem acordo regressa ao Brasil

Nailson sem acordo regressa ao Brasil
Nailson, defesa brasileiro que chegou à Madeira como um dos reforços para a nova época, afinal, não vai ser jogador do Nacional, uma vez que não houve acordo sobre os valores da transferência. O futebolista de 21 anos, proveniente do Mogi Mirim, …
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Pre-Market News Review: Select Medical Holdings Corporation (NYSE:SEM
Select Medical Holdings Corporation, declared they have signed a contract to jointly open a new, 60-bed, acute inpatient rehabilitation hospital in 2016. The planned partnership creates a limited liability company between Ochsner and Select Medical.
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Os direitos de quem trabalha sem registro em carteira
As principais verbas a serem recebidas na rescisão contratual por iniciativa do empregador e sem justa causa são: o saldo salarial, aviso prévio indenizado proporcional ao tempo de serviço, férias vencidas e proporcionais acrescidas de 1/3, décimo …