Autopilot Launched New Platform for Car Dealers to Get Inventory to Craigslist with Zoompost 2.0.

Lakeland, FL (PRWEB) August 01, 2013

Autopilot launched Zoompost 2.0, its new version of Craigslist Posting tool, to existing clients, as a result dealers listings online have tripled, with flagging becoming a thing of the past.

There are many performance improvements that have rolled out in the last month, such as 50 different randomized title and templates, taking the flagging rate down to almost non-existent. They developed a new reporting dashboard, for a quick at-a-glance reference for success.

“With Craigslist being the 8th most visited websites in the U.S., and with 20 + BILLION page views monthly, this has become a vital part of daily routine and business generator for car dealership around the nation. It is the best way to get more local leads and has become the online virtual auto mall,” says Dani Lunsford, Marketing Executive, for

Dealers websites have seen a 130% increase in traffic, since using the most Popular Zoompost Product for getting ads on Craigslist. The sophisticated software, tracks the shopper, down to source of initiation, all the way to the call that get transferred into the dealership. Dealers can now see the explosive response that daily live ads can return, for such a small investment. Through the dashboard dealers can see each and every listing, including the amount of views and leads drilled down by vehicle.

With this cutting edge tool, auto dealers can rely on Craigslist to be in the mix of marketing to social and classified media, without the annoyance of flagged ads. “With the local reach of Craigslist in the dealers market, there is not another medium that can be compared to it, it is a critical component in advertising for any dealership,” says Dani Lunsford, Marketing Executive with

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