Average Page Weight Increases 30% in 2012

Average Page Weight Increases 30% in 2012
As we approach the end of 2012, I thought I'd consult the HTTP Archive Report which collates technology statistics from 300,000 of the web's most popular sites. The staggering news: average page weight has bloated by 30% in one year to reach 1,250Kb.
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HTTP Strict Transport Security Becomes Internet Standard
According to SSL Pulse, a project that monitors HTTPS implementations on the world's most visited websites, only around 1,700 out of the top 180,000 HTTPS-enabled websites support HSTS. In addition to the overall HSTS adoption rate being low, some of …
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Storm knocks down some web sites, but most stay online
Still, a handful of popular web sites, including Google's YouTube, AOL Inc's Huffington Post, and the network of sites owned by Gawker Media, did experience outages. Social news site BuzzFeed and News Corp's financial site MarketWatch were also reduced …
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