Aviation Recruitment in 2013 by Your Aviation Job

(PRWEB) March 31, 2013

Aviation recruitment seems to require a considerable amount of funds for job advert distribution, especially for large companies. During the last year the aviation community was introduced a brand new business model for aviation jobs by An easy-to-navigate and, most importantly, very cost-effective website that targets aviation recruiters and aviation professionals worldwide.

The highly motivated team of aviation professionals behind Your Aviation Job introduces constant innovations to the website in order to meet the requirements of companies and job seekers. The first quarter of 2013 witnessed a skyrocketing increase of organic search traffic to the website. This is a consequence of the determined efforts of Your Aviation Jobs SEO team to rank the website higher in Google, reaching the first page of and

The higher Google rank brings more applicants to aviation recruiters who post jobs on the website. Targeted traffic of aviation professionals provides the opportunity to find and hire the perfect candidate for the advertised aviation job. Respectively, for aviation professionals looking for new career paths, the higher rank of Your Aviation Job increases the chance to land on this very user-friendly website and browse through the positions advertised by companies. This is a two way process which benefits both sides of the business.

Your Aviation Job offers a wide range of features for aviation recruiters which are come in handy for applicants management. After posting a particular aviation job on the website, the aviation company receives an e-mail notification for every single applicantst no additional costs, unlike many other aviation recruitment websites that require payment for this. Further, directly through Your Aviation Job aviation recruiters can send template e-mail messages to candidates in order to accept or reject the application.

After observing the website, one finds a very good looking button on every job description page Apply with LinkedIn button. LinkedIn is a global professional social network and having an updated profile there eliminates the need of uploading and updating resume files. Basically this means that aviation job seekers can apply to vacancies directly with their LinekdIn profile as it serves as a CV.

Your Aviation Job released a promo video a few days ago targeting both aviation recruiters and aviation job seekers. The video briefly explains the benefits of using the website and gives guidance on registration and job posting process. Your Aviation Jobs video can be viewed on Youtube under the title Aviation Jobs – Your Aviation Job Official Video.

The team of Your Aviation Job are driven by constant innovation and promise loads of new features and functionality for aviation recruiters and job seekers in 2013. Steven Bentley, Managing Director of Your Aviation Job states that the company has set clear targets for 2013 and works hard towards achieving these goals. Increasing traffic, bringing more aviation recruiters on board, higher ranking, new features and much more is to still come. Stay tuned for more innovation in online aviation job search.

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